India Vs South Africa

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    2nd Test Day 1, NZ vs WI: as it happened

    After put in to bat by West Indies, Ross Taylor scored his 10th Test century to guide New Zealand to 307 for 6 at stumps on day one.

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    New Zealand hope to go one better and get their first win in 11 matches under Hesson and captain Brendon McCullum in the second Test in Wellington.

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    The Basin Reserve pitch is expected to be livelier than the strip at the University Oval, which produced a high-scoring draw in the first Test, with the help of rain in the final session.


    West Indies: Kirk Edwards, Kieran Powell, Darren Bravo, Marlon Samuels, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Narsingh Deonarine, Denesh Ramdin(wk), Darren Sammy(c), Shane Shillingford, Tino Best, Shannon Gabriel.

    New Zealand: Hamish Rutherford, Peter Fulton, Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Brendon McCullum(c), Corey Anderson, BJ Watling(wk), Tim Southee, Ish Sodhi, Neil Wagner, Trent Boult.

    Commentary (West Indies 2nd Innings)

    That's all we have from this Test match. Didn't know the Test match will finish today when we started but it was one splendid show by New Zealand. We look forward to your company for the third Test match starting on 19th December at 0300 IST. Until next time, on behalf of our hardworking scoring and commentary team, I bid you farewell. You can now hop over to the concerned tab to catch all the action of the Perth Test. Good bye and cheers!!!

    Trent Boult is the unanimous choice for the Man of the Match award. He says that it's a great day for him. Adds that it was a decent wicket and he enjoyed bowling under the overcast conditions.

    Brendon McCullum is extremely pleased with the hard work put in by his boys. Praises Taylor and Boult for their outstanding contribution. Adds that it's a really psychological win for them and the performance in the last two matches has been superb. He is happy with the catching and says that they work really hard on their fielding.

    Darren Sammy credits New Zealand for bowling superbly and says that they need to learn from the opposition. Also adds that catches win matches and they didn't hold on to crucial chances. Further says that they neither batted well nor bowled well. He is hopeful for a strong comeback in the final Test match.

    It was a hapless batting show by West Indies. More than anything, their technique got exposed by the might of Boult and company. There was something in the wicket for the bowlers but it wasn't that much that a side can lose 16 wickets in a day. They have a lot of soul searching to do before the next Test match.

    Outstanding performance by the Kiwis! They left behind the heart breaking draw in the first Test match and brought their 'A' game once again. The batting powered by an excellent century by Ross Taylor posted a big total on the board and their bowling led by Trent Boult was simply brilliant. The young lad ripped through the West Indian batting line-up and gained his maiden Test 10-fer.

    Finally, New Zealand have registered a Test win in 2013 and the celebration in the middle says it all. Brendon McCullum is super excited and is congratulating his teammates. This is his first win as Test captain of New Zealand! He must be a relieved man now.

    54.5 Boult to S Gabriel, OUT! New Zealand win by an innings and 73 runs! Boult spears in a full delivery in the line of the stumps, Gabriel is very late in bringing his bat down and the stumps are shattered. The Kiwi players are all smiles and are hugging each other! 175/10

    54.4 T Boult to Gabriel, Pitched outside leg, Gabriel fails to defend it from the crease and is hit on the back leg. They appeal but to no avail. 175/9

    Shannon Gabriel is the last batsman out in the middle.

    54.3 T Boult to T Best, OUT! Soft dismissal! Boult bends his back and delivers a short ball around off, Best feels for it and edges it straight into the hands of Fulton at second slip. End of a short but entertaining knock by Best! 175/9

    Third man is in place now. Brendon McCullum trying to read what's going on inside Best's head.

    54.2 T Boult to Chanderpaul, Angles in a length delivery on middle and off, Chanderpaul walks across the stumps and nudges it through square leg for one. 175/8

    54.1 T Boult to Chanderpaul, Good length delivery outside off, Chanderpaul taps it down to point. 174/8

    53.6 N Wagner to Best, Length delivery closer to the off stump line, Best tees off for a massive heave across the line but fails to do the basic thing right, which is to make connection. 174/8

    53.5 N Wagner to Best, Bowls it from wide of the crease and delivers it wide outside off as well. Best has an easy leave. 174/8

    53.4 N Wagner to Best, Back of a length ball on off, straightening a bit, Best pushes at it and misses. 174/8

    53.3 N Wagner to Best, Bangs in a short ball, on off, Best ducks. 174/8

    53.2 N Wagner to Best, Good length delivery outside off, Best shoulders his arms. 174/8

    53.1 N Wagner to Best, Pacey delivery, back of a length around off, Best pushes inside the line and misses. Wagner gives him a strong stare while the chirping part was done by Best. Doesn't matter it's bat or ball in his hands, Best is always pumped up! 174/8

    Everyone was warming up but Neil Wagner is the lucky soul to have a go at the West Indian tail.

    52.6 T Boult to Chanderpaul, Back of a length delivery on off, Chanderpaul defends it off his back foot. 174/8

    52.5 T Boult to Chanderpaul, Helps a length ball off his hips to fine leg for a couple. 174/8

    52.4 T Boult to Chanderpaul, Bouncer! The batsman ducks in time to let that one go over him. 172/8

    Tim Southee is warming up. He is sitting on three wickets and wants another crack.

    52.3 T Boult to Chanderpaul, Angles in a full ball, around off, C'paul defends it off his front foot. 172/8

    52.2 T Boult to Chanderpaul, Flicks a length ball off his pads to the on side but finds square leg. 172/8

    52.1 T Boult to Chanderpaul, Gets on the front foot to a full ball and pushes it to covers. 172/8

    51.6 N Wagner to Best, SIX! Best is playing a little cameo here! Trying to avoid the innings defeat? Surely! Touch short in length on off, Best charges down the track to pummel it across the line but it comes off the thick outside edge and has enough wings to clear third man. 172/8

    51.5 N Wagner to Best, Full and very wide outside off, Best throws his heart and soul behind it but fails to make any connection. 166/8

    51.4 N Wagner to Best, FOUR! Much better shot! Full on off, Best aligns himself and smacks it over mid on for a boundary. 166/8

    51.3 N Wagner to Best, FOUR! LLTT shot! Length delivery around off, Best goes down on one knee for a massive hoick across the line but it catches the top edge and flies over the slip cordon for a boundary. Oh sorry, LLTT means - Looking London, Talking Tokyo! 162/8

    Wagner switches his angle for Best.

    51.2 N Wagner to Chanderpaul, Short and wide outside off, Chanderpaul flashes his blade through the line and it comes off the top edge. The ball flies over the slip cordon and falls safely in the deep. They take a couple. 158/8

    51.1 N Wagner to Chanderpaul, Full length delivery angling back into the batsman, Chanderpaul gets half forward and defends it to the off side. 157/8

    50.6 T Boult to Best, Length ball on off, Best defends it from within the crease. 157/8

    50.5 T Boult to Best, Full length delivery outside off, Best tries to play it down with a straight bat but it comes off the inside edge and squirts past mid on for a couple. 157/8

    50.4 T Boult to Chanderpaul, Touch short in length on middle, Chanderpaul jumps on the back foot and glances it to mid-wicket for a single. 155/8

    50.3 T Boult to Chanderpaul, Good length delivery on off, Chanderpaul defends it from the crease to the off side. 154/8

    50.2 T Boult to Best, Howzzat? Back of a length delivery, Best shuffles across the stumps and tries to flick it to the leg side but misses and is thudded on the pads. They appeal but to no avail as the batsmen cross. It's given as a leg bye and New Zealand take the referral. The Hawk Eye shows that it pitched inches outside the leg stump line. 154/8

    Huge appeal for an lbw against Best. It is turned down by the umpire and New Zealand take a referral.

    50.1 T Boult to Best, Beaten! Fuller length delivery on off, Best aims for a wild slog inside the line but is beaten. That one nipped in a touch to whiz past the inside edge. 153/8

    49.6 N Wagner to Best, Length delivery seaming back into the batsman, Best helps it off his pads to square leg and crosses for a single. 153/8

    49.5 N Wagner to Best, FOUR! Audacious! An over-pitched delivery outside off, Best latches onto it and muscles it through the line past the diving cover fielder for a boundary. That was uppish but went like a tracer bullet. 152/8

    49.4 N Wagner to Best, Chooses to leave the ball outside his off stump. 148/8

    Tino Best arrives at the crease.

    49.3 N Wagner to Shillingford, OUT! Another one bites the dust! Wagner hurls in a good length ball on middle and off, seaming away a touch, Shillingford plays inside the line from the crease and ends up nicking it straight into the bucket-shaped hands of Taylor at first slip. 148/8

    49.2 N Wagner to Shillingford, Shillingford has played that off the front foot and into the ground. 148/7

    49.1 N Wagner to Shillingford, Lets the ball go outside his off stump. 148/7

    Neil Wagner is back into the attack. He is running in from round the wicket.

    48.6 T Boult to Shillingford, Turns a length ball off his pads to the leg side for a single. 148/7

    48.5 T Boult to Shillingford, Length delivery on off, almost the identical one he got in the morning and was out, but that time Shane brought his bat down in time to keep it away. 147/7

    48.4 T Boult to Shillingford, Pacey delivery, short and angling away from the batsman, Shillingford sways away from the line. 147/7

    Shane Shillingford is the number 9 batsman. He is on a king pair!

    48.3 T Boult to Sammy, OUT! Plumb in front! Boult with yet another success today! He serves it on a good length around middle and it skids on after landing. Sammy fails to defend it from the crease and is rapped on the pads. They appeal and the finger goes up immediately. Darren Sammy after having a chat with his partner takes the review but the Hawk Eye backs the on-field decision. It was hit in line and was going on to thud onto the stumps. 147/7

    Darren Sammy is adjudged lbw and he has referred it...

    48.2 T Boult to Sammy, Length ball angling away from the batsman, Sammy leaves it untouched. 147/6

    48.1 T Boult to Chanderpaul, Oohh... almost drags it back on! Fuller length delivery outside off, Chanderpaul with little footwork tries to force it through the line but gets an inside edge. It goes through his legs to square leg and they cross for a run. 147/6

    47.6 C Anderson to Sammy, Another delivery wide outside off, Sammy gets forward to cover the line and then shoulders his arms. 146/6

    47.5 C Anderson to Sammy, Length delivery wide outside off, left alone by Sammy. 146/6

    47.4 C Anderson to Sammy, Tests the new batsman with a bouncer, around off, Sammy ducks. 146/6

    47.3 C Anderson to Sammy, Length delivery angling away from the batsman, Sammy shoulders his arms. 146/6

    Skipper Darren Sammy is the new batsman.

    47.2 Anderson to D Ramdin, OUT! Stunning catch by Boult! Anderson hurls across a shortish ball around off, Ramdin camps back with the cut shot but fails to keep it down. Boult stationed at point flies to his left and takes an outstanding catch with his left hand. He was completely airborne and that's one of the best catches you will ever see on a cricket field. Boult is all smiles after grabbing the catch and what a day he is having! West Indies trail by 102 runs! 146/6

    47.1 C Anderson to Ramdin, Short and wide outside off, Ramdin rocks back and cuts it straight to point. 146/5

    46.6 T Boult to Chanderpaul, This one is full and around off, Shiv defends it watchfully to short cover. 146/5

    46.5 T Boult to Chanderpaul, Excellent delivery, on a good length around off, Chanderpaul walks across the stumps, pushes inside the line but it nips away a bit to beat the outside edge. 146/5

    46.4 T Boult to Chanderpaul, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat. 146/5

    46.3 T Boult to Chanderpaul, Length delivery on off, Chanderpaul keeps his weight on the back foot and defends it solidly to the off side. 146/5

    46.2 T Boult to Chanderpaul, Straighter delivery, clipped through mid-wicket for a couple. 146/5

    46.1 T Boult to Chanderpaul, Good length delivery angling back into the batsman, Chanderpaul defends it from the crease to covers. 144/5

    45.6 C Anderson to Ramdin, Once again a short ball on off, Ramdin ducks this time. 144/5

    45.5 Anderson to D Ramdin, Short delivery on middle, banged into the batsman, Ramdin top edged his pull shot in the air and it landed safely in the deep mid-wicket region. A couple. 144/5

    45.4 C Anderson to Ramdin, Too wide on the off side for the batsman to make any contact. 142/5

    45.3 C Anderson to Ramdin, Touch short in length around off, Ramdin remains on the back foot and defends it to mid off. 142/5

    45.2 C Anderson to D Ramdin, Short and wide outside off, Ramdin cuts it firmly in front of the backward point fielder and it goes on one bounce over him. A couple taken. 142/5

    45.1 C Anderson to Chanderpaul, Fullish ball on the pads, flicked away to deep square leg for a single. 140/5

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