India Vs South Africa

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    As it happened: 2nd Ashes Test, Day 1

    England players celebrating a wicket on the opening day.

    England players celebrating a wicket on the opening day. (Getty Images)

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    TOSS: Australia won the toss and Michael Clarke decided to bat.

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    TEAM NEWS: Australia retained the same XI. Ben Stokes makes his debut for England, with the visitors also bringing in Monty Panesar to partner offspinner Graeme Swann.

    Playing XI:

    England: Alastair Cook (capt), Michael Carberry, Joe Root, Kevin Pietersen, Ian Bell, Ben Stokes, Matt Prior (wk), Stuart Broad, Graeme Swann, James Anderson, Monty Panesar

    Australia: Chris Rogers, David Warner, Shane Watson, Michael Clarke (capt), Steven Smith, George Bailey, Brad Haddin (wk), Mitchell Johnson, Ryan Harris, Peter Siddle, Nathan Lyon

    Commentary (England 2nd Innings)

    Well that is all we have here for today! An early exit today but that was expected. Do join us on the 13th of December for the third Ashes Test match at the WACA, Perth. Until then, it is goodbye from us!

    Once again, Mitchell Johnson is adjudged the Man of the Match. Says that it is a great feeling to be 2 from 2 and the bowling effort really stood out and that has made all the difference. Moving to Perth, Johnson is looking forward to going to his favourite ground and bowling there. Thanks the crowd for their endearing support.

    England now find themselves 2-0 down and coming back from this deficit is something they have never done. To retain the Ashes, England need to create history and turn things around very, very quickly as the next Test starts in just three days time on 13th of December.

    Winning the toss once again, Clarke chose to bat and along with his deputy-in-command Brad Haddin posted a huge total on board. England would rue some costly blunders in the field that allowed the hosts to get to a massive total. From there on, only one team was in the race and the inevitable happened on Day 5 as Australia romped home by 218 runs. Some positives for England there as Joe Root showed incredible maturity in the second innings. Pietersen also found some form and so did Matt Prior who needed some runs under his belt.

    The match once again belonged to one man, Mitchell Johnson who is having a dream comeback of sorts. It was his spell post-lunch on Day 3 that swung things Australia's way, leaving England shell-shocked. There was no coming back from there as England were always behind the eight-ball. Australia just didn't let up and that is the quality that made them such an invincible force in the past decade or so.

    Well a quick finish today then! Australia needed 4 wickets today and they did not waste a whole lot of time in wrapping things up. Siddle struck in the very first over of the day removing Broad and ended up with 4 wickets and Harris too chipped in with 3, an innings where Johnson for once, didn't dictate terms.

    101.4 R Harris to Panesar, OUT! All over! A length ball on off, Panesar stays rooted inside the crease and plays a tame back foot push that is easliy gobbled up at short cover. Australia go 2-0 up, let the celebrations begin! 312/10

    101.3 R Harris to Panesar, Stays back and punches it to covers. 312/9

    101.2 R Harris to Panesar, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat. 312/9

    101.1 R Harris to Panesar, Panesar has played that off the front foot and into the ground. 312/9

    100.6 P Siddle to Anderson, Anderson gets a bottom edge of the bat on that one. 312/9

    100.5 P Siddle to Anderson, Nasty! That would tickle a rib! Short again in the rib-cage, Anderson is once again early into his pull and gets hit hard in the ribs. The crowd gives him a loud jeer and so do the Australian players. 312/9

    100.4 P Siddle to Anderson, FOUR! No mucking around! Full on middle, Anderson smashes this through the vacant mid on region and picks up another boundary. 312/9

    100.3 P Siddle to Anderson, Stays back deep and prods it nicely into the ground. 308/9

    100.2 P Siddle to Anderson, FOUR! Streaky! Banged in short at the body, Anderson attempts to fend it off the back foot, the ball comes off the leading edge and just evades the leg gully fielder into the fence. 308/9

    100.1 P Siddle to Anderson, Ouch! Short ball on middle, Anderson looks to pull but is way too early into the shot and hits him in the ribs. 304/9

    99.6 R Harris to Panesar, Bouncer! The batsman ducks under the bouncer at the last moment. 304/9

    99.5 R Harris to Panesar, Dug in short, Panesar is forced to duck. 304/9

    99.4 R Harris to Anderson, Pitched up outside off, Anderson comes forward and drives uppishly through mid off for three runs. 304/9

    99.3 R Harris to Anderson, Back of a length on leg, Anderson looks to flick but the ball hits his thigh pad and goes to leg gully. 301/9

    99.2 R Harris to Anderson, Dug into the pitch, hostile stuff, Anderson once again ducks. 301/9

    99.1 R Harris to Anderson, Angled short down the leg side, Anderson allows it through. 301/9

    98.6 P Siddle to Panesar, Banged in short, Panesar ducks safely. 301/9

    Monty Panesar, the last man walks out to bat.

    98.5 P Siddle to Prior, OUT! Prior departs now and it is all ending pretty quickly! Banged in short on middle and leg, Prior pulls it flat but straight down the throat of Harris at deep square leg who takes an easy catch. Australia need just one more now. 301/9

    98.4 P Siddle to Prior, Short down the leg side, Prior goes for the pull but misses. 301/8

    98.3 P Siddle to Prior, Fraction short outside off, Prior cuts it in front of square through covers and takes a couple. That brings up the 300 mark. 301/8

    98.2 P Siddle to Anderson, Back of a length on leg, nudged through square leg for a single. 299/8

    98.1 P Siddle to Anderson, Sliding down the leg side, Anderson misses his clip down leg side. 298/8

    97.6 R Harris to Prior, FOUR! Elegant! Short of a length outside off, Prior stays back and carves this with impeccable timing past backward point for a boundary to end the over. 298/8

    97.5 R Harris to Anderson, Full on middle and leg, whipped off his pads for a single down to long leg. 294/8

    97.4 R Harris to Anderson, Good length on off, Anderson hangs back and defends it into the ground. 293/8

    James Anderson walks out to bat now.

    97.3 R Harris to G Swann, OUT! Harris strikes! Back of a length outside off, Swann pushes tentatively outside the line of his body and edges it straight to Clarke at second slip who takes a simple chance. Another one down for England and Australia now need only 2 wickets to win. 293/8

    97.2 R Harris to Swann, Back of a length around off, Swann drops his hands and lets it through. 293/7

    97.1 R Harris to Prior, Played to mid-wicket region by Broad. One run added to the total. 293/7

    96.6 P Siddle to Prior, In the air but safe! Banged in short on off, Prior plays the upper cut over point, the ball stays in the air for a really long time but somehow manages to evade point who runs back a long way to get it. Single taken. 292/7

    96.5 P Siddle to Prior, FOUR! Glorious! Full around off, Prior drives it back psat the bowler sweetly and earns a boundary. 291/7

    96.4 P Siddle to G Swann, Short in length on off, Swann pull it down to deep mid-wicket for a single. 287/7

    96.3 P Siddle to Swann, Bit fuller on off, Swann presses forward and defends it back. 286/7

    96.2 P Siddle to Swann, Good length on off, Swann gets behind it an prods it back to the bowler. 286/7

    96.1 P Siddle to Swann, Length outside off, left alone. 286/7

    95.6 M Johnson to M Prior, FOUR! Slashes and slashes hard! Back of a length outside off, Prior throws the kitchen sink at it and picks a boundary through backward point. 286/7

    95.5 M Johnson to M Prior, On a length across off, carved off the back foot straight to point. 282/7

    95.4 M Johnson to Prior, On a length on middle, Prior gets right behind it and defends it solidly to mid off. 282/7

    95.3 M Johnson to Prior, Very full on the pads, worked away to mid-wicket. 282/7

    95.2 M Johnson to Prior, Slanted across off, slashed hard but just short of backward point. 282/7

    95.1 M Johnson to Prior, Prior has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery. 282/7

    94.6 P Siddle to Swann, Swann picked that bouncer early and let it through to the keeper. 282/7

    94.5 P Siddle to Prior, Short again and pulled again only for a single this time. 282/7

    94.4 P Siddle to Prior, FOUR! Smashed! Fraction short on middle, Prior picks it very quickly and dismisses it through mid-wicket. A great way to get to your 27th half century. 281/7

    94.3 P Siddle to Prior, Full around off, driven straight to mid off. 277/7

    94.2 P Siddle to Swann, Stays back and pulls this for a single. 277/7

    94.1 P Siddle to Swann, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat. 276/7

    93.6 M Johnson to Prior, Full around off, driven superbly to covers but an even better save by Bailey who is positioned there. 276/7

    93.5 M Johnson to Prior, Goes for the pull again but misses. 276/7

    93.4 M Johnson to Prior, Across off, Prior pushes inside the line and misses. 276/7

    93.3 M Johnson to Prior, FOUR! Pulled away! Dug in short, Prior stays back and powers this through mid-wicket. 276/7

    93.2 M Johnson to Prior, The ball has been square driven by the batsman. The batsmen have picked up a couple of runs. 272/7

    93.1 M Johnson to Swann, Back of a length on middle, Swann stays back and prods this toward mid off and takes one. 270/7

    93.1 M Johnson to Swann, WIDE! Banged in way short, no trouble for Swann to duck under it. Wide signaled by the umpire. 269/7

    92.6 P Siddle to Prior, On middle and leg, turned away to mid-wicket. 268/7

    92.5 P Siddle to Prior, A back of a length delivery around off, Prior punches it off the back foot. 268/7

    92.4 P Siddle to M Prior, On a length on off, Prior rocks back and punches it through covers for another couple. 268/7

    92.3 P Siddle to Swann, Back of a length around off, Swann once again drives off the back foot for a single this time. 266/7

    92.2 P Siddle to Swann, Stays back and punches this through covers for a couple to get off the mark. 265/7

    92.1 P Siddle to Swann, Banged into the pitch, Swann ducks under it. 263/7

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