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    As it happened: Australia vs England, Perth Test, Day 2

    Cook struck 72 after Australia\'s 385 but his dismissal, followed by Pietersen\'s quick departure, after tea restricted England to 180/4 in Perth.

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    Day 1 Round-up: Steven Smith posted his first hundred on home soil to help Australia recover from another stuttering top-order performance and reach 326 for 6 at stumps on Friday on day one of the third Ashes Test.

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    After winning the toss and batting for the third consecutive Test, Australia slumped to 143 for 5 before Smith combined with vice-captain Brad Haddin (55) in a 124-run, sixth-wicket stand. He was unbeaten on 103 at stumps, batting with Mitchell Johnson (39 not out).

    Australia won the first two Tests and are aiming to regain the Ashes with victory at the WACA, where England's last win was in 1978.

    Commentary (England 2nd Innings)

    Great celebrations in the Australian dressing room. They have started to party already. The team song is going on. Exceptional celebrations.

    Michael Clarke - 10 out of 10 for the Ashes win. Says every single guy in the dressing room deserves a credit for their team. Applauds Cook for his 100th Test. Mentions boys bowled really well, they were hitting cracks a few times, bowling well was the key. Admits again every single guy deserves the credit but Mitchell Johnson has been performing really well and deserves a great credit. Mentions fielding coach Michael Young and Steve Rixon for their effort to help Australia for a great fielding side. Admits there's a lot of support for him. Gives credit to Darren Lehmann, for his effort towards the team. 5-0 would be the best result for his side but they know they have to work hard a lot for that. Denies this could be the changing era for the Australian side. He is being congratulated for a win in his 100th Test, mentions he is getting old. He would take a couple of beers tonight.

    Alastair Cook - Starts off with Ben Stokes' innings, admits it was filled with character. Says that partnership was a good one. Admits it's not the lack of effort and agrees Australia have been the better team. Admits Australia didn't surprise them, they are a good side and England knew Australia would give a tough fight. He mentions there's a lot of talent in the dressing room, although it will hurt for them. He wants to thank every English fan, especially the Barmy Army. Wants to stick to the side even if they lose. Ends up admitting it's going to hurt to lose the Ashes.

    Steven Smith - Man of the Match. Says it is his best innings he has ever played. Adds it's a great feeling to win back the Urn. Mentions the boys told him it is one of the best places to bat on and adds he is improving. Applauds team's effort and admits the team will celebrate it hard tonight.

    Australian team were just had to wait for the inevitable and complete a comfortable victory. The team clicked as a unit, Steven Smith was the hero of the first innings with his first century at home. Useful fifties from Warner and Haddin once again helped Australia post a good total. It was another good bowling effort from Australia as they bowled out England for 251 in their first innings to give their side a handy lead. Then Australia came out all guns blazing in the end in their second innings. Tons from Warner and Watson let England chase 504 where the tourists could just reach 353.

    Although England gave a good fight in this Test, almost gave an outside chance for a victory but Australia managed to stay firm and complete a victory. Ben Stokes showed what a youngster can do with his brave century on this WACA wicket.

    Fittingly, Mitchell Johnson picked up the final wicket to give Australia an Ashes victory. On 23rd of August 2009, England have regained but today on 17th December 2013, the Urn returns again to Australia. They have well-Urned as their players stood up to a tough task and gave their best to the team.

    Another comprehensive victory for Australia, with a win by 150 runs. The players get a standing ovation! Tears in couple of players' eyes, especially Watson. Harris is unable to share how does it feel to win the Ashes. The Baggy Green spirit, never giving up, lived up to the expectations. Most of them predicted it will be an easy Ashes win for England but after three Test matches, Australia have regained the Ashes in as many games.

    103.2 M Johnson to J Anderson, OUT! AUSTRALIA HAVE REGAINED THE URN! 3-0! On middle and off, Anderson tucks it to the short leg fielder where Bailey takes the final catch and Australia complete the victory. The players starts celebrating as the Ashes returns to Australia! 353/10

    103.1 M Johnson to Broad, Fuller length ball on middle, Broad flicks it over square leg and takes a single. 353/9

    102.6 N Lyon to Broad, Flighted outside off, Broad taps it through point for a run. 352/9

    102.5 N Lyon to Anderson, Landed outside off, Anderson plays it through the gully and the batsmen take a single. 351/9

    102.4 N Lyon to Anderson, Shortish outside off, Anderson tries to cut that one off his back foot for a run. 350/9

    102.3 N Lyon to J Anderson, Full on off, Anderson drives uppishly through cover-point. 350/9

    102.2 N Lyon to Anderson, Fullish on off, Anderson defends watchfully. 350/9

    102.1 N Lyon to Anderson, Flighted delivery around off, Anderson gets onto his front foot and defends it. 350/9

    101.6 M Johnson to Broad, Snorter! Banged in short, Broad looks to fend that one but misses it completely. 350/9

    101.5 M Johnson to Anderson, Around off, Anderson tucks it through square leg for a run. 350 up for England. 350/9

    101.4 M Johnson to Anderson, Full toss on middle, Anderson does well to play that one. 349/9

    James Anderson is the last man in.

    101.3 M Johnson to Bresnan, OUT! England nine down! Landed just outside off, a slower one. Bresnan lofts it towards mid off. Rogers dives to his right and takes a wonderful catch, very good catch from the 38-year old. Third one for Mitch. 349/9

    101.2 M Johnson to Bresnan, Fullish outside off, Bresnan pushes it through covers for a couple. 349/8

    101.1 M Johnson to Bresnan, Shortish on middle, Bresnan defends it off his back foot. 347/8

    100.6 N Lyon to Broad, Full on middle, Broad defends it watchfully. 347/8

    100.5 N Lyon to Broad, Flighted outside off, Broad allows it through again. 347/8

    100.4 N Lyon to Broad, Fullish outside off, Broad leaves it alone. 347/8

    100.3 N Lyon to Broad, Landed outside off, Broad gets onto his front foot and defends it. 347/8

    Stuart Broad walks out to bat, being injured. Massive noise from the crowd. He gets a standing ovation from the Barmy Army!

    100.2 N Lyon to G Swann, OUT! Another wicket for Lyon! On middle, turning in, Swann looks to play but gets an edge towards the short leg fielder. Steven Smith waits for the ball and collects a dolly. Third wicket for Lyon now. 347/8

    100.1 N Lyon to Swann, Flighted just outside off, spins in, Swann shoulders his arms. The ball goes from close to the stumps. 347/7

    99.6 M Johnson to Bresnan, Landed just outside off, Bresnan guides it late towards third man for a couple. 347/7

    99.5 M Johnson to Bresnan, On middle and off, Bresnan drives it to mid off. 345/7

    99.4 M Johnson to Bresnan, Four leg byes! Short ball on middle, Bresnan leaves it alone. Bounces a lot and goes over the keeper for four leg byes. 345/7

    99.3 M Johnson to Bresnan, Around off, Bresnan allows it through. 341/7

    99.2 M Johnson to Bresnan, Landed just outside off, Bresnan leaves it alone. 341/7

    99.1 M Johnson to Bresnan, Bouncer! Bresnan ducks under it. 341/7

    98.6 N Lyon to Swann, Full on middle, Swann defends it off his back foot. 341/7

    98.6 N Lyon to Swann, Wide! The crack! Landed on middle, on the crack, turns miles and goes to the leg slip fielder. It was around 20 degrees deviation there. Umpire signals a wide. 341/7

    98.5 N Lyon to Swann, FOUR! Swann won't hang on! On middle, Swann sweeps it through the mid-wicket region and gets a boundary to get off the mark. 340/7

    98.4 N Lyon to Swann, Landed on off, Swann defends it watchfully. 336/7

    98.3 N Lyon to Swann, On middle, Swann defends it off his front foot. 336/7

    Graeme Swann walks out to bat.

    98.2 N Lyon to Ben Stokes, OUT! Nathan Lyon gets the breakthrough! Flighted delivery outside off, Stokes goes for the sweep, the ball stays a touch low after landing. He gets an under edge and Haddin does the rest behind, takes a simple catch. Although he took if off the tip of the gloves. Huge wicket for Australia. Stokes was playing a wonderful knock but has to depart now. Well played, youngster. 336/7

    98.1 N Lyon to Stokes, So close! Flighted around off, Stokes leaves it alone. The ball is hit on Stokes' front pad, impact just outside off. 336/6

    97.6 M Johnson to Bresnan, Bouncer! Bresnan does well to play that one. 336/6

    97.5 M Johnson to Ben Stokes, Billy Bowden is down! Short of a length delivery outside off, Stokes pulls it through the square leg region. There's Bowden as he falls down trying to avoid the ball. Single taken. 336/6

    97.4 M Johnson to Stokes, Landed outside off, Stokes shoulders his arms. 335/6

    97.3 M Johnson to Stokes, Full outside off, Stokes drives it straight down the ground. Johnson gets his hand to the ball and stops a couple of runs. 335/6

    97.2 M Johnson to Stokes, Full and down the leg side, Stokes looks to flick but misses. 335/6

    97.1 M Johnson to Bresnan, Off the glove! On the ribs, Bresnan plays it awkwardly and the ball is hit on the glove and goes behind. No chance for Haddin to reach to the ball as it goes towards fine leg. Single taken. 335/6

    Mitchell Johnson to bowl from the other end.

    96.6 N Lyon to Stokes, Action replay of the previous delivery. 334/6

    96.5 N Lyon to Stokes, Fullish outside off, another left alone. 334/6

    96.4 N Lyon to Stokes, Flighted outside off, Stokes defends it watchfully. 334/6

    96.3 N Lyon to Stokes, Fuller length ball outside off, Stokes allows it through. 334/6

    96.2 N Lyon to Ben Stokes, Drops it a bit short outside off, Stokes cuts it through point for a couple. 334/6

    96.1 N Lyon to Stokes, Full outside off, Stokes leaves it alone. 332/6

    Welcome back for the second session! Nathan Lyon to continue, Ben Stokes to face. England need 172 more runs with 6 wickets remaining.

    That's Lunch on Day 5! What a brilliant session for England! Stokes and Prior played out the first hour well as the Australian bowlers bowled well but went for the cracks than for the right lines. Prior was the only wicket to fall in the session when he slashed one to the keeper. Stokes carried on to score his maiden Test hundred, he along with Bresnan will look to continue the good work. The hosts have something to think of for their plans, they are still 4 wickets away from regaining the Ashes! Will they wrap it soon after lunch? Or will England survive? Join us in a while for the second session!

    95.6 P Siddle to Bresnan, Fuller outside off, Bresnan leaves it alone. That's LUNCH, DAY 5! 332/6

    95.5 P Siddle to Bresnan, Good length on middle, Bresnan defends it from his crease. 332/6

    95.4 P Siddle to Tim Bresnan, Pitched up on off, Bresnan drives it to mid off. 332/6

    95.3 P Siddle to Bresnan, Fuller outside off, Bresnan lets it go through. 332/6

    95.2 P Siddle to Bresnan, FOUR BYES! Full on the stumps, hits the crack and goes down the leg side past Haddin for a boundary to the fine leg fence. The umpire signals it four byes. 332/6

    95.1 P Siddle to Bresnan, Fuller outside off, Bresnan lets it go through. 328/6

    94.6 N Lyon to Stokes, Floated on stumps, Stokes defends it. 328/6

    94.5 N Lyon to Stokes, Tossed up outside off stump, Stokes lets it go. 328/6

    94.4 N Lyon to Stokes, Flighted on off, Stokes lunges forward and defends. 328/6

    94.3 N Lyon to Stokes, Tossed up on off, Stokes looks to defend but the ball turns past the outside edge. 328/6

    94.2 N Lyon to Stokes, Loopy on off, Stokes lets it go through. 328/6

    94.1 N Lyon to Stokes, Shorter outside off, Stokes defends it. 328/6

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