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    As it happened: England vs Sri Lanka, 2nd Test, Day 1

    A file photo of England pacer James Anderson.

    A file photo of England pacer James Anderson. (Getty Images)

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    England will hope to go one wicket better when they face Sri Lanka in the second and final Test of their series.

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    Alastair Cook's new-look side were denied victory in the first test at Lord's on Monday after Sri Lanka No. 11 Nuwan Pradeep got through the final five balls of the match from Stuart Broad to ensure a draw for the tourists, who were nine wickets down.

    Commentary (England 2nd Innings)

    That is all we have from this magnificent series. Sri Lanka created history and by virtue of this win have won it all, they beat England in the only T20I. They, then won the ODI series 3-2 and now this. Sri Lanka all the way. England need to go back to the drawing board before they take the field once again against India starting from 9th of July. Sri Lanka will go home and start afresh against South Africa visiting the island. Lots of cricket still to be played. Till next time, it's goodbye!

    JAMES ANDERSON is named the MAN OF THE SERIES for England while ANGELO MATHEWS, also the Man of the Match, is Sri Lanka's Man of the Series.

    On the final day, England showed that they truly have a stomach to fight. With just 5 wickets remaining, they stitched vital partnerships first between Root and Ali and then between Ali and Jordan. Moeen Ali recorded his maiden Test hundred as well and after a serious toil, just when it looked like the hard work had paid off, Anderson, who had hung around with him for the final wicket for more than 16 overs, fended one to leg gully to end a nail-biter. It was heartbreak for the English but Sri Lanka, worthy winners. That is how the cookie crumbles sometimes. It is a cruel game but a great leveler.

    England put in Sri Lanka on the first morning and it turned out to be a great decision. They skittled them out for 257 and then, led by a maiden hundred by Sam Robson established a strong foothold in the game. With Sri Lanka reeling at the end of Day 3, who could have predicted what would happen next. The visitors staged a magnificent fightback thanks to another super century from their skipper Angelo Mathews. He and Rangana Herath hung around and changed Sri Lanka's position completely. A career best Test score from Mathews put Sri Lanka in a commanding position and after Day 4, Sri Lanka were the clear favourites.

    What a fantastic game of Test cricket. What a series in fact! Both the games going down to the wire and we finally get a result. After 3 days, England were firm favourites to win this match and take the series. Sri Lanka produced an unheralded comeback and created history. They won their first Test series on English soil but the win by no means, was easy. It was a grind, a real hard grind.

    Can a game get any closer? This is what Test cricket is all about. An absolute thriller of a game and in the end, it is Sri Lanka who have come out on top.

    116.5 Eranga to J Anderson, OUT! Dear oh dear! What a time and way to get out! Total heartbreak for England and complete jubilation for Sri Lanka. Eranga produces a magic delivery on middle, Anderson fends it off but this one goes off his gloves and goes straight to Rangana Herath at leg gully. Anderson is distraught and so is the entire England team. SRI LANKA WIN BY 100 RUNS WITH JUST 1 BALL TO SPARE. SRI LANKA WIN THE SERIES 1-0. 249/10

    116.4 S Eranga to Anderson, Goes for the fuller one on leg, Anderson is equal to the task as he blocks it away solidly. Just 2 balls remaining. 249/9

    116.3 S Eranga to Anderson, A short, awkward delivery, Anderson fends it away safely. 249/9

    116.2 S Eranga to Anderson, Short again on middle, Anderson stays back and dabs it to gully. 249/9

    116.1 S Eranga to Anderson, Back of a length on middle, Anderson stands tall and knocks it into the ground, 5 to go. 249/9

    Anderson has to survive just these last six ball from Eranga.

    115.6 D Prasad to Ali, Full on off, Ali drives it back to Prasad once again and that ends the over. England have just 6 balls to survive. 249/9

    115.5 D Prasad to Ali, Back of a length on off, Ali stands tall and offers a rock solid block. 249/9

    115.4 D Prasad to Ali, Very full on middle, Ali drives it straight back to Prasad again. 249/9

    115.3 D Prasad to Ali, Full on middle, defended straight back to the bowler. 249/9

    115.2 D Prasad to Ali, Another short ball outside off, Ali drops his wrists and allows it through. 9 balls to go. 249/9

    115.2 D Prasad to Ali, WIDE! Another bouncer, Ali ducks under it and the umpire calls it a wide. Not sure England would want a wide at this stage. 249/9

    115.1 D Prasad to Ali, Banged in short, Ali drops his hands and lets it go. 248/9

    114.6 R Herath to Anderson, Stays back and defends it safely. Just 12 balls to go. 248/9

    114.5 R Herath to Anderson, Tossed up outside off, it spins back sharply from the rough and hits Anderson on the back pad as he lunges for a block, Sri Lanka appeal for a leg before but the umpire shakes his head, Sri Lanka have no review left. 248/9

    114.4 R Herath to Anderson, Goes back and pushes it through the off side for a single. 248/9

    114.3 R Herath to Anderson, Floated on middle, Anderson lunges forward and defends. 248/9

    114.2 R Herath to Anderson, A slider across off, it goes on with the arm, Anderson comes forward for a block but the ball goes on and beats the bat. 248/9

    114.1 R Herath to Anderson, Flighted on a length on middle, Anderson goes back and offers a dead bat. 248/9

    113.6 A Mathews to Ali, Fuller on middle, Ali just gets a bottom edge on it but manages to survive. Just 3 overs remaining. 248/9

    113.5 A Mathews to Ali, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat. 248/9

    113.4 A Mathews to Ali, Full on middle, driven straight to mid on. 248/9

    113.3 A Mathews to Ali, Fuller around off, Ali comes forward for a prod. 248/9

    113.2 A Mathews to Ali, Good length outside off, Ali chooses to let it go again. 248/9

    113.1 A Mathews to Ali, Angled across off, Mathews lets it go. 248/9

    112.6 R Herath to Anderson, Outside off, Anderson lets it go. Just 4 overs left. 248/9

    112.5 R Herath to Ali, Chips down and caresses it through the covers for a single. 248/9

    112.4 R Herath to M Ali, Flatter around off, it spins and zips back in, takes the inside edge but goes onto the pads and safely into the ground. 247/9

    112.3 R Herath to Ali, Ali dances down the track and does well to block the ball. 247/9

    112.2 R Herath to Ali, On a length now on middle, Ali goes back and defends. 247/9

    112.1 R Herath to Ali, Flighted on off, Ali lunges forward and blocks it again. 247/9

    111.6 S Eranga to Anderson, Another strong block from Anderson as he continues to deny the Lankans. 247/9

    111.5 S Eranga to Anderson, Close! Angled just close to the off stump, Anderson feels for it but the ball just shaves his outside edge. 247/9

    111.4 S Eranga to Anderson, Well left Jimmy! Angled once again outside off, Anderson does well to get his hands out of the way. 247/9

    111.3 S Eranga to Anderson, Back of a length on middle, Anderson defends it on the off side now. 247/9

    111.2 S Eranga to Anderson, Dug in short again, Anderson goes right back and controls it well. 247/9

    111.1 S Eranga to Anderson, Dug in short across off, Anderson drops his hands and allows it through. 247/9

    110.6 N Pradeep to Ali, Ali shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot. 247/9

    110.5 N Pradeep to Ali, Full on off, Ali drives it straight to mid off. 247/9

    110.4 N Pradeep to Ali, FOUR! Nicely done! Gets on top of the bounce and just helps it past gully and backward point. 247/9

    110.3 N Pradeep to Ali, Full on off, Ali comes forward and offers a rock solid defense. 243/9

    110.2 N Pradeep to Ali, Leans forward and drives through cover-point for a couple. 243/9

    Maiden Test hundred for Moeen Ali.

    110.1 N Pradeep to Ali, FOUR! Maiden Test hundred for Moeen Ali! Just tickles it fine past the keeper and gets a boundary. 241/9

    Pradeep is back.

    109.6 R Herath to Anderson, Loopy on off, Anderson offers a dead bat. 7 overs to go now. 237/9

    109.5 R Herath to Anderson, Well tossed up around off, Anderson leans forward and smothers the spin. 237/9

    109.4 R Herath to Ali, Chips down and whips it through mid-wicket for a single. 237/9

    109.3 R Herath to Ali, Comes forward and defends. 236/9

    109.2 R Herath to Ali, Lands outside off and keeps low, skids along and beats the bat of Ali. 236/9

    109.1 R Herath to Ali, Well tossed up on middle, Ali lunges forward in defense. 236/9

    108.6 S Eranga to Anderson, A nasty short ball that rises on Anderson, he takes his eyes off the ball but the ball comes off his glove and luckily, goes down into the ground. Just 8 overs to go now. 236/9

    108.5 S Eranga to Anderson, Defended off the back foot by the batsman. 236/9

    108.4 S Eranga to Anderson, Outside off, Anderson lets it go. 236/9

    108.3 S Eranga to Anderson, Slow bouncer outside off, Anderson allows it behind to the keeper. 236/9

    108.2 S Eranga to Anderson, The batsman goes after a wide one but misses. 236/9

    108.1 S Eranga to J Anderson, The batsman watches the bouncer go way above his head. 236/9

    107.6 D Prasad to Ali, On a length on middle, pushed to mid on. 236/9

    107.5 D Prasad to Ali, The batsman chooses to leave the ball outside his off stump. 236/9

    107.4 D Prasad to Ali, Now gets an under edge back to the keeper. 236/9

    107.3 D Prasad to Ali, On a length around off, pushed on the off side. 236/9

    107.2 D Prasad to Ali, Angled across off, Ali left alone. 236/9

    107.1 D Prasad to Ali, Ali shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot. 236/9

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