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    As it happened: Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, 2nd Test, Day 2

    Sri Lanka batsman Kaushal Silva while batting on Day 2.

    Sri Lanka batsman Kaushal Silva while batting on Day 2. (AFP)

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    Day 1 Round-up: Sri Lanka's fast bowlers exploited Pakistan's weakness against seam bowling by dismissing the home side for 165 on the first day of the second Test in Dubai.

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    Sri Lanka were 57 for 1 in reply, trailing by only 108 runs when umpires called off the day's play due to bad light eight overs before the scheduled close. Dimuth Karunaratne hit seven fours in a quick-fire 32 before he fell to Junaid Khan but Kaushal Silva and Kumar Sangakkara guided Sri Lanka to stumps, with both on 12.

    Commentary (Sri Lanka 2nd Innings)

    Can Pakistan comeback to level this series with a win in the third Test? Let's see. That's it from all of us here, Do join us for the final Test of this series, which starts on 16th January, 2014. Until then, it's good bye and take care.

    Angelo Mathews - Begins saying that the toss was crucial, their bowlers set it up for them, batsmen also performed. Admits, the younger guys are working hard and are trying to stand up to the expectations. Credits Jayawardene for batting brilliantly. Says he is still learning every day with the help of management which helps him perform well. Calls it a collective effort, everyone chipped, ends saying it was a great performance from the team.

    Misbah-ul-Haq - Starts off saying their first innings cost them, admits Sri Lanka was brilliant. Says the bowlers tried hard, but they faltered as they did no do the basis right like Sri Lanka. Credits them for playing better cricket. Says it is difficult to get wickets with no help from the pitch. Says it will take time for youngsters to learn to bat like him and Younus. Hopes the youngsters will learn as they play more. Says he is happy with the way Bhatti and Sarfraz played. Says they could have saved the game but failed. Hopes for a better performance in the final Test.

    Mahela Jayawardene was adjudged the Man of the Match for his brilliant knock in the first innings that set up the huge lead for Sri Lanka. Remember he was injured while taking that catch. Boy, how well has come off it. Says he was worried about the hand, hoped that it was not serious, so he is happy that he did well. Admits the team played really well, thanking the bowlers as well. Says, the injury hampered him, but thanks Silva for helping him settle down. Says playing for the country is always special, admits he has good company in the dressing room. Says they have few days off but they have an important match coming up.

    Pakistan trailing by 223 runs started horribly losing three quick wickets. Misbah and Younus then played well scoring fifties to get Pakistan closer to the total. Shafiq and Bhatti played useful knocks. Sarfraz Ahmed scored a fifty to help Pakistan set target of 137 runs. Sri Lanka got off to an ideal start with their openers adding 124 runs with both them scoring fifties. Sangakkara then came and finished the match for them. Stay tuned for the details from the presentation ceremony.

    Sri Lanka started the Test dominating from the first day itself when they bowled out Pakistan for 165. Khurram Manzoor was the only star for Pakistan top scoring with 73. Sri Lanka then piled on 388 runs thanks to brilliant hundred from Mahela Jayawardene and a valiant knock from Kaushal Silva who missed out on his century again.

    A comprehensive victory for Sri Lanka. They lead the series 1-0. They bowled brilliantly in the morning taking the remaining wickets and then thanks to their openers, they strolled to a much deserved victory. Karunaratne takes a stump for himself and takes one for his opening partner as well. It's been a good comeback from Sri Lanka after the first two days of this series.

    46.2 S Ajmal to Sangakkara, Flatter on middle, Sangakkara nudges it to the leg side and takes the winning single. SRI LANKA WIN BY 9 WICKETS! 137/1

    46.1 S Ajmal to K Sangakkara, FOUR! Finally a FOUR! Shorter outside off, Sangakkara pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary. Target is just one now. 136/1

    45.6 R Ali to Karunaratne, Karunaratne has driven it straight down the ground. 132/1

    45.5 R Ali to Karunaratne, Pushed to the off side off the crease. 132/1

    45.4 R Ali to Sangakkara, Good length outside off, played to point for a single. 132/1

    45.3 R Ali to Sangakkara, Played to the point region by Sangakkara. 131/1

    45.2 R Ali to Sangakkara, NOT OUT! Sangakkara stays! Good length outside off, comes in, Sangakkara misses his flick. He is struck on his pads. The players appeal but the umpire is unmoved. Pakistan review but the replay shows that it was too high. Pakistan lose all their reviews. 131/1

    Sangakkara given not out for an LBW appeal. Pakistan review.

    45.1 Ali to Sangakkara, Yorker on middle, Sangakkara keeps it out. 131/1

    44.6 S Ajmal to Sangakkara, On leg, Sangakkara goes for the sweep but misses. They take a bye. 131/1

    44.5 S Ajmal to Sangakkara, Floated on middle, Sangakkara defends it back. 130/1

    44.4 S Ajmal to D Karunaratne, Driven to mid off for a run. 130/1

    44.3 S Ajmal to Karunaratne, Flatter on middle, Karunaratne defends it. 129/1

    44.2 S Ajmal to Karunaratne, Floated on leg, swept to fine leg but fields the fielder. 129/1

    44.1 S Ajmal to K Sangakkara, Floated outside off, pushed to covers for a single. 129/1

    43.6 R Ali to Karunaratne, Fuller outside off, pushed to the off side. 128/1

    43.5 R Ali to D Karunaratne, Action replay of the previous delivery. 128/1

    43.4 R Ali to D Karunaratne, Driven through mid on. 128/1

    43.3 R Ali to D Karunaratne, Just short! Fuller outside off, Karunaratne pokes at it from his crease. The ball falls short of the Younus at first slip. 128/1

    43.2 R Ali to Karunaratne, Good length outside off, left alone. 128/1

    43.1 R Ali to Karunaratne, Quicker on middle, defended back down the track. 128/1

    42.6 S Ajmal to Sangakkara, Flatter on stumps, Sangakkara defends it. 128/1

    42.5 S Ajmal to Sangakkara, On middle, Sangakkara defends it down the track. 128/1

    42.4 S Ajmal to Karunaratne, Outside off, pushed to covers for a single. 128/1

    42.3 S Ajmal to Sangakkara, Quicker on middle, Sangakkara takes a single to the leg side. 127/1

    42.2 S Ajmal to Sangakkara, Floated on middle, Sangakkara defends it. 126/1

    42.1 S Ajmal to Sangakkara, Shorter on middle, worked away to the leg side. 126/1

    41.6 R Ali to Karunaratne, Back of a length on middle, Karunaratne misses his flick and is hit high on the pads. 126/1

    41.5 R Ali to Karunaratne, A touch short outside off, Karunaratne pushes it to point. 126/1

    41.4 R Ali to Sangakkara, Very full on the pads, Sangakkara flicks it for a single. 126/1

    41.3 R Ali to Sangakkara, Sangakkara shoulders arms to a wide delivery outside off. 125/1

    41.2 R Ali to Sangakkara, Full and straight on middle, Sangakkara misses his flick and the ball hits on the pads. The players appeal but the ball is sliding down. 125/1

    41.1 R Ali to Karunaratne, Full on off with a hint of away movement, Karunaratne drives it wide of mid on for a single. 125/1

    40.6 S Ajmal to Sangakkara, Tossed up on leg, Sangakkara offers no shot and lets it hit the pads. 124/1

    40.5 S Ajmal to Sangakkara, A touch short on leg, Sangakkara works it down to square leg. 124/1

    40.4 S Ajmal to Sangakkara, Tossed up on middle, Sangakkara flicks it to mid-wicket. 124/1

    40.3 S Ajmal to Silva, OUT! Well flighted on middle, Silva comes forward to defend but misses the line completely. The ball holds its line and crashes into the front pad. The players appeal and the umpire raises his finger. However, Silva is not convinced and asks for the review where replays show that the ball is clipping leg stump. Hence, the on field call stays and Silva has to depart. 124/1

    40.2 S Ajmal to Silva, A touch short on middle, Silva nudges it to short fine leg. 124/0

    40.1 S Ajmal to Silva, Tossed up on middle, smothered down by Silva. 124/0

    39.6 R Ali to Karunaratne, Good length on off, Karunaratne defends it off the front foot. 124/0

    39.5 R Ali to Karunaratne, FOUR! Lovely Shot! Fractionally short outside off, cut away nicely in front of point. The fielders gives chase but the ball trickles into the boundary. 124/0

    39.4 R Ali to Karunaratne, Full delivery down the leg side, Karunaratne misses his glance and the keeper dives across to collect. 120/0

    39.3 R Ali to Karunaratne, A touch short outside off, Karunaratne cuts it straight to point. 120/0

    39.2 R Ali to Karunaratne, Back of a length outside off, Karunaratne pushes it to point. 120/0

    39.1 R Ali to Karunaratne, Good length delivery outside, Karunaratne comes forward and defends. 120/0

    38.6 S Ajmal to Silva, Dragged down short on middle, Silva pulls it behind square for two. 120/0

    38.5 S Ajmal to Silva, Loopy delivery on leg, Silva flicks it straight to short fine leg. 118/0

    38.4 S Ajmal to Karunaratne, Well tossed up on off, Karunaratne drives it down for a single. 118/0

    38.3 S Ajmal to Karunaratne, A touch short on middle, Karunaratne punches it back to Ajmal. 117/0

    38.2 S Ajmal to Karunaratne, Tossed up on leg, Karunaratne glances it down. The ball just drops short of leg slip. 117/0

    38.1 S Ajmal to Karunaratne, Well flighted doosra outside off, Karunaratne goes back and keeps it out. 117/0

    37.6 R Ali to Silva, Good length outside off, left alone by Silva. 117/0

    37.5 R Ali to Silva, A touch short outside off, tapped to point. 117/0

    37.4 R Ali to Silva, Very full outside off, driven straight to cover. 117/0

    37.3 Ali to Silva, Full and swinging back in a touch, Silva does well to dig it out. 117/0

    37.2 R Ali to Karunaratne, Full on middle, Karunaratne flicks it for a run. 117/0

    37.1 R Ali to Silva, Full length outside off, Silva drives it square for a single. 116/0

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