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    As it happened: Sri Lanka vs Pakistan, 1st Test, Day 5

    Photo Credit: Getty Images.

    Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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    Day 4 Round-up: Kumar Sangakkara smashed his 10th double century against reckless Pakistan as Sri Lanka declared their first innings at 533 for 9 for an overall lead of 82 runs on the fourth day of the first Test on Saturday.

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    Pakistan lost opener Khurram Manzoor to left-arm spinner Rangana Herath to finish the day on 4 for 1 - still trailing by 78 runs.

    Sangakkara's imperious 221 in just over 11 1/2 hours off 425 balls was studded with 24 fours as the master batsman made Pakistan pay heavily for dropping him of Saturday's very first ball and later on 168.

    Commentary (Sri Lanka 2nd Innings)

    That's all we have for you from this Test which got alive only on the final day after four dull days. Do join us for the second Test between the two sides starting on 14th August, 2014 at SSC. It's going to be the final Test of Mahela Jayawardene, at his favourite venue, SSC! Pakistan will hope to get themselves together and play better in the next game. Until then, it's goodbye and take care!

    MAN OF THE MATCH - RANGANA HERATH! He starts off saying that it was a batsmen friendly pitch but they did the basics well. Credits the team for staying together and playing well as a unit. Mentions that as a spinner, on days 4 and 5, there is always something for the bowlers and he looks to use it well. Credits Sangakkara for playing well and adds that it is the best gift for Jayawardene.

    MAHELA JAYAWARDENE gets a special memento for his services to Sri Lanka. Calls it a special place to play. Credits the team for playing well. Says that they will enjoy this win, calls it a good effort from Sangakkara and Mathews. Mentions that he his going to look at the last Test as his first one and hopes to do well.

    Pakistan in their reply, batted negatively and got bowled out for 180, getting a lead of just 98 runs with Ahmed being the top scorer, 52 runs. Herath was terrific taking his 19th five wicket haul, 6th in 11 matches at Galle. Chasing a small target, in 21 overs, Sri Lanka asked Jayawardene to open in his final Test here. Sri Lanka lost three wickets with the batsmen going for their shots but Mathews held fort for his team scoring a 13-ball 25 to win the game as the rains came down once they won.

    The match started with four dull days, with Pakistan winning the toss, elected to bat posted a mammoth total of 451 with Younus scoring 177. Sri Lanka replied with aplomb with Sangakkara scoring a double ton to ensure they get a lead. Mathews, the captain, too played very well for his 91 runs. Perera and Ajmal took five-wicket hauls for their respective teams.

    Oh dear, just as the match finished and the fireworks took off, the rains came down. What a fairy tale finish for Sri Lanka! It's not going to stop Sri Lanka from celebrating a famous win, what a farewell gift to Mahela Jayawardene at Galle. What a day this has turned out to be and look at Sangakkara, he is delighted with the win and why not, he has been one of the main architects of this win along with Mathews and Herath! How dearly is that drop catch of Sangakkara on 102, going to cost Pakistan? That was a dolly and Rehman dropped it.

    16.2 M Talha to Mathews, VICTORY! SRI LANKA WIN BY 7 WICKETS! Fuller on middle, Mathews works it through the mid-wicket region. The fielder picks up the ball and tries to score a direct hit at the bowler's end but misses. The run is completed and Mathews raises his arms in celebration! What a win for Sri Lanka! SRI LANKA LEAD THE 2-MATCH TEST SERIES 1-0! 99/3

    16.1 M Talha to Mathews, SIX! BOOM! Shorter length on off, Mathews picks it up and puts it over the square leg fence for a massive, massive maximum. Mathews punches his fists in the air after hitting the shot. SCORES LEVEL! 98/3

    15.6 J Khan to Vithanage, Well bowled! Bowls the yorker outside off, Vithanage swings and misses. 92/3

    15.5 J Khan to Vithanage, SIX! WHAT A SHOT! Shorter outside off, this time Vithanage sits back and picks it from off and smokes it high and handsome over the mid-wicket region for a maximum. That made a crunching noise! Just 7 more needed. 92/3

    15.4 J Khan to Vithanage, Bowls the expected bouncer outside off, Vithanage pulls and misses. 86/3

    15.3 J Khan to Vithanage, FOUR! This is ending quickly! Bowls a full toss outside off, Vithanage clears his front foot and carves it behind point for a boundary. Just 13 more needed! 86/3

    15.2 J Khan to A Mathews, Shorter outside off, Mathews fetches it from outside off, and pummels it towards mid-wicket where Younus takes it on the bounce. They get just a single. 17 more needed! 82/3

    15.1 J Khan to Mathews, SIX! BANG! Good length on off, Mathews gets under it and just dispatches it with disdain over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum. The crowd roars! 81/3

    14.6 M Talha to Vithanage, Shorter on middle and off, Vithanage sits down to pull it but misses. 75/3

    14.5 M Talha to Vithanage, Fuller outside off, Vithanage plays at it and misses it. 75/3

    14.4 M Talha to Vithanage, Fuller outside off, Vithanage looks to squeeze it through the off side but misses. 75/3

    14.3 M Talha to Mathews, Good length on middle, clipped to mid-wicket for a single. The umpire, Gould there was in danger of a throw coming in at the bowler's end but he manages to. 75/3

    14.2 M Talha to Vithanage, Vithanage upper cuts this over the third man region for a single. 74/3

    Kithuruwan Vithanage comes out to bat.

    14.1 M Talha to Sangakkara, OUT! Sangakkara falls! Bowls it short outside off, Sangakkara goes for the big shot. That was way too wide to be pulled. The ball has more height and Manzoor takes a good catch at long on. Not sure if this will change their tactics though. Sri Lanka need 26 more to win. 73/3

    The umpire has a chat with Mathews. Some message has come across from the dressing room.

    13.6 J Khan to Mathews, FOUR! Big shot! Full toss outside off, Mathews makes room and just crashes it through the point region for a boundary. The crowd goes wild. Just 26 more runs needed in 7 overs. 73/2

    13.5 J Khan to K Sangakkara, Good length on off, played through wide mid on for a single. 69/2

    13.4 J Khan to Sangakkara, Full and angling back into the batsman, Sangakkara drives it back to the bowler who stops it in his follow through. 68/2

    13.3 J Khan to Mathews, Good length outside off, Mathews punches it towards mid off for a single. 68/2

    13.2 J Khan to Mathews, FOUR! Fetch that! Mathews expects the short ball and hooks it down to the fine leg region for a boundary. The fielder, Manzoor fumbles but that was hit too hard. 32 more. 67/2

    13.1 J Khan to Sangakkara, Full toss on off, Sangakkara plays it down to long on for a single. 36 more, just 6 sixes away! 63/2

    12.6 M Talha to Mathews, Fuller on the pads, Mathews misses his clip. 62/2

    The weather is starting to clear here. The clouds are almost off the ground now. It's getting brighter.

    12.5 M Talha to Mathews, Shorter length on middle and leg, Mathews looks to pull it through but misses. 62/2

    12.4 M Talha to Mathews, Shorter length on middle, Mathews ducks under it. 62/2

    The fielders are complaining that they can't see the ball. It is very dark here.

    12.3 M Talha to K Sangakkara, Short outside off, cut through the covers for a single. 62/2

    12.2 M Talha to Mathews, Fuller on middle, Mathews clips it through the mid-wicket for a single. 61/2

    12.1 M Talha to Sangakkara, Good length outside off, heaved through mid-wicket for a single. 60/2

    MOHAMMAD TALHA comes on to bowl. He is taking his own time here.

    11.6 J Khan to Mathews, Fuller on off, turned through the on side by Mathews. 59/2

    ANGELO MATHEWS, the Sri Lankan captain walks out to bat.

    11.5 Khan to M Jayawardene, OUT! The crowd is silenced! Bowls the yorker on middle and leg, Jayawardene makes room and looks to play it through but misses. The ball sneaks through and hits the timber. We reckon, he did not spot the ball. The crowd gives him a standing ovation. 59/2

    11.4 J Khan to Sangakkara, Fuller on off, Sangakkara comes down and carves it over mid off for a single. 59/1

    Junaid Khan has something to ask to the umpire. The crowd is getting into this.

    11.3 J Khan to Sangakkara, Good length outside off, pushed back to the bowler. 58/1

    11.2 J Khan to Sangakkara, FOUR! Up and over! Shorter outside off, Sangakkar gets under it and carves it over the point region for a boundary. 41 runs to go! 58/1

    11.1 J Khan to Jayawardene, Good length on off, Jayawardene looks to pull it but does not connect well. They take a leg bye. 54/1

    10 overs to go, 46 runs. Rain around.

    10.6 S Ajmal to Sangakkara, Flatter on the pads, Sangakkara comes down the wicket to loft it over the on side but misses. 53/1

    10.5 S Ajmal to Sangakkara, Shorter on off, Sangakkara can't do anything but defend. 53/1

    10.4 S Ajmal to Jayawardene, Flatter on middle, Mahela makes room to hit out but gets hit on his body. They take a leg bye. 53/1

    10.3 S Ajmal to Sangakkara, Short outside off, Sangakkara cuts it over the off side for a single. 52/1

    10.2 S Ajmal to Jayawardene, Gives himself room and cuts it through the point region for a single. 51/1

    10.1 S Ajmal to Jayawardene, Jayawardene smokes one through mid-wicket for a couple of runs. 50 up for SRI LANKA! 49 more! 50/1

    9.6 J Khan to Jayawardene, Good length outside off, Mahela makes room and carves it to deep point for a single. 48/1

    There is rain in the air. Junaid goes round the wicket.

    9.5 J Khan to Jayawardene, Good length on off, Jayawardene works it through mid-wicket and they take a couple. 47/1

    9.4 J Khan to Sangakkara, Sangakkara edges it through the mid-wicket for a single. 45/1

    9.3 J Khan to K Sangakkara, FOUR! Sangakkara on boss! Fuller on middle, Sangakkara makes room and just dispatches it down the ground for a boundary. 44/1

    There are clouds in the distance but let's hope they stay away.

    9.2 J Khan to Sangakkara, Shortish outside off, Sangakkara chops it behind point but not in the gap. 40/1

    9.1 J Khan to Sangakkara, Shorter length on off, Sangakkara ducks under it. 40/1

    12 overs to go, 59 runs to make! This is heading for a classic finish and a fairy tale one for Mahela Jayawardene!

    8.6 S Ajmal to Sangakkara, Flatter on the pads, Sangakkara clips it towards mid-wicket for a single. 40/1

    8.5 S Ajmal to Sangakkara, FOUR! Powerful slog! Bowls it on off, Sangakkara gets down and just smashes the pants off that ball and clobbers it to the deep mid-wicket fence. 39/1

    8.4 S Ajmal to Sangakkara, Bowls it outside off, pushed to the off side off his crease. 35/1

    8.3 S Ajmal to Jayawardene, NOT OUT! Direct hit but safe! Jayawardene pushes this towards the off side and takes a quick single. There is a direct hit at the bowler's end but Jayawardene seems to be home. It is referred to upstairs but the replay confirms the same. Jayawardene stays! 35/1

    8.2 S Ajmal to Jayawardene, Well bowled! Bowls it outside off, slow, Jayawardene comes down the wicket to hit out but is beaten in the air and fends it to the off side. 34/1

    8.1 S Ajmal to Sangakkara, Fuller on off, driven to mid off for a single and the crowd applauds as Sangakkara gets off the mark. 34/1

    7.6 J Khan to M Jayawardene, FOUR! EDGED! Bowls it fuller outside off, Jayawardene flashes at it. The ball takes the outside edge between the keeper and wide first slip for a boundary to third man. 33/1

    7.5 J Khan to Jayawardene, Fuller outside off, a rock solid front foot defense from Jayawardene. 29/1

    7.4 J Khan to Sangakkara, Bowls it on the pads, tucked down to fine leg for a leg bye by Sangakkara off his pads. 29/1

    7.3 J Khan to Sangakkara, Good length on off, Sangakkara defends it towards mid on. 28/1

    KUMAR SANGAKKARA walks in to bat. What a chance this is, for he and Mahela, to yet again, secure a terrific win for their country.

    7.2 Khan to U Tharanga, OUT! TIMBER! Bowls it on off, Tharanga plays all over it and misses it completely. The ball sneaks through and strikes timber. Junaid is delighted and why not. Good strike from Pakistan! 28/1

    7.1 J Khan to Tharanga, Good length on off, comes in, Tharanga works it to the on side off his crease. 28/0

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