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    As it happened: West Indies vs New Zealand, 1st Test, Day 4 at Kingston

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    Pre-Match: Experienced seamer Tim Southee and debutant offspinner Mark Craig shared the bowling honours as New Zealand dismissed the West Indies for 262 to take a potentially match-winning 246-run first innings lead late on the third day of the first Test at Sabina Park in Jamaica on Tuesday.

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    By the close, the Black Caps had extended that advantage to 260 in reaching seven for two in their second innings.

    Opener Peter Fulton and first innings centurion Kane Williamson fell cheaply but the tourists go into the fourth day still very much in command.

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    Commentary (West Indies 2nd Innings)

    That's it from the first Test between West Indies and New Zealand. The second one begins on 16th June, on Monday. West Indies will look to fight back in their own den while the Kiwis will look to carry on with the momentum. Join us for the coverage. Meanwhile we have the first Test between England and Sri Lanka, starting tomorrow at 1530 IST. Do join us for the coverage, till then cheers and goodbye!

    Victorious skipper, Brendon McCullum thought that the last pair put some pressure on them. The second morning was key McCullum feels when Watling and Neesham helped the team to post over 500. Appreciates Watling's keeping as well in tough conditions. The bowling was outstanding he adds after crediting each one of them. Admits that they will enjoy tonight after their second Test win in the Caribbean. They will then focus before Trinidad.

    Losing skipper, Denesh Ramdin says that the first innings is where things went wrong for West Indies. The top six batsmen should have done better, he admits. Says that the batsmen need to spend time in the middle and if they don't do that it will lead to their downfall.

    Mark Craig deservedly receives the Man of the Match award. He feels like he's on top of the world at the moment. The conditions were a lot of fun for him, there was plenty of turn on offer. He is pretty happy with how everything went and the win added on to it.

    The crowd was treated to some exciting batting by Shillingford, who at number 11, scored the second fastest half century in Tests. He threatened to take the game into day 5 but for Benn's dismissal with just three deliveries remaining in the day. Gayle's 100th Test wasn't all that memorable for him. Mark Craig was the stand out performer in the game, picking up 8 wickets and showing that the Black Caps can rest some hopes on him for the future. We await the presentation.

    New Zealand have pulled off just their second Test win in the Caribbean. They played much better cricket than West Indies, in all formats of the game. They set the tone by batting slowly yet assuredly in the first innings, amassing over 500. West Indies were shabby with the bat in both the innings and couldn't last long against both pace and spin.

    47.4 K Williamson to Benn, OUT! This is all drama! West Indies have lost the Test, NEW ZEALAND WIN BY 186 RUNS! Williamson, bowling his very first over of the game, delivers a short one outside off. Was quick too and Benn looks to cut but gets a faint edge that is taken nicely by Watling who has had a wonderful day with the gloves. There were just three balls left in the day and the Kiwis bave pulled off the victory not allowing the last pair to take the game into day 5! 216/10

    47.3 K Williamson to Shillingford, Quick and full on the pads, worked away through square leg for a single. On to Benn now! Three deliveries to go! Can he survive? 216/9

    47.2 K Williamson to Shillingford, Shillingford reaches forward with a giant stride and defends. 215/9

    47.1 K Williamson to Shillingford, Flat and into the pads, Shillingford allows the ball to hit his pads. 215/9

    46.6 Tim Southee to Benn, Length outside off, Benn tries to drive but fails. 215/9

    46.5 Tim Southee to Benn, FOUR! Another one! Benn having fun. Short pitched delivery, Benn sits back and pulls it hard in front of square leg for a boundary. 215/9

    46.4 Tim Southee to Benn, Bouncer by Southee, Benn ducks well. 211/9

    46.3 Tim Southee to Benn, Length on off, Benn plays like a top order batsmen by covering the line and playing it back to the keeper. 211/9

    46.2 Tim Southee to Benn, FOUR! Elegant! Length delivery around the pads, Benn deep in the crease flicks it brilliantly through the square leg region for a boundary. 211/9

    46.1 Tim Southee to Benn, Length around off, Benn plays and misses. 207/9

    45.6 M Craig to Shillingford, The batsman has punched that ball through the offside. 207/9

    45.5 M Craig to Shillingford, SIX! Another one! Second fastest Fifty in test cricket. Another slog over the mid-wicket to a tossed up delivery. Common Shane! 207/9

    45.4 M Craig to Shillingford, The batsman has top edged that one falls in no man's land. 201/9

    45.3 M Craig to Shillingford, SIX! Brilliant! Tossed up around off, Shillingford sits deep in the crease and heaves it over the deep covers for a maximum. 199/9

    45.2 M Craig to Shillingford, Length arm ball around off, edges but falls short of the slip fielder. 193/9

    45.1 M Craig to Shillingford, Tossed up around middle and leg, Shillingford slogs it towards square leg for a couple. 193/9

    44.6 Tim Southee to Benn, The batsman guides it to third man. 191/9

    44.5 Tim Southee to Shillingford, Length angling in, flicked from the pads by Shillingford to long leg for one. 191/9

    44.4 Tim Southee to Shillingford, Slower one, Shillingford reads it and blocks it. 190/9

    44.3 Tim Southee to Shillingford, Length around off, Shillingford plays a beautiful drive on the up to mid off. 190/9

    44.2 Tim Southee to Benn, Short, body length, Benn pulls it to long leg for one. 190/9

    44.1 Tim Southee to Shillingford, Full outside off, Shillingford slams it through covers, due to the slow outfield the ball stops but they take three runs. 189/9

    Southee back on.

    43.6 M Craig to Benn, SIX! Went miles. Flighted on the leg. Benn swings hard at it and connects extremely well and clears the ropes with ease. 186/9

    43.5 M Craig to Benn, Blocked on the front foot by Benn. 180/9

    43.4 M Craig to Benn, Short and flat outside off, Benn fails to cut it. 180/9

    43.3 M Craig to Benn, The batsman defends it from within the crease. 180/9

    43.2 M Craig to Benn, FOUR! Tossed up outside off, Benn plays it uppishly over covers for a boundary. Benn enjoying himself. 180/9

    43.1 M Craig to Benn, Short and wide, Benn tries to drive it on the up but fails. 176/9

    42.6 Sodhi to S Shillingford, The batsman gets a top edge on that one. They manage to come back for the second. 176/9

    42.5 Ish Sodhi to Shillingford, FOUR! Muscled! Short and slow, Rocks onto the back foot and smacks it over mid off for a boundary. 174/9

    42.4 Ish Sodhi to Benn, 1 run. Benn sweeps a tossed up delivery to square leg for one. 170/9

    42.3 Ish Sodhi to Benn, The batsman tries to sweep but fails to make contact. 169/9

    42.2 Ish Sodhi to Benn, FOUR Byes! Tossed up gets some revs on it, spins viciously and beats the keeper to reach the ropes. 169/9

    42.1 Ish Sodhi to Benn, Full on off, Benn comes forward and blocks it. 165/9

    41.6 M Craig to Shillingford, Full on off, Shillingford yorks himself, tries to cut but straight to the keeper. 165/9

    41.5 M Craig to Shillingford, SIX! Here he goes again! Steps down the ground, reaches the pitch off the ball and whacks it out of the park. 165/9

    41.4 M Craig to Shillingford, The batsman has punched the ball off the back foot. 159/9

    41.3 Craig to Shillingford, SIX! Shillingford on a roll! Tossed up around off, Shillingford heaves it over mid on for a big one! Some entertainment for the crowd. 159/9

    41.2 M Craig to S Shillingford, FOUR! Edged! Tossed up, Shillingford dances down the ground and gets a thick outside edge, ball runs away to the boundary. 153/9

    41.1 M Craig to Shillingford, Tossed up around off, Shillingford comes forwards and blocks it. 149/9

    40.6 Ish Sodhi to Benn, Quick and full around off, Benn squeezes the ball to the off side. It's a maiden after all the extravaganza in the over. 149/9

    40.5 Ish Sodhi to Benn, Slow, flat and spinning into the pads, Benn allows the ball to hit them. 149/9

    40.4 Ish Sodhi to Benn, Benn gets forward to this flighted one and defends solidly. 149/9

    40.3 Ish Sodhi to Benn, Benn gets down to a shortish ball and looks to play the reverse swat. The ball takes the outside edge and hits his helmet. Benn is all smiles! 149/9

    40.2 Ish Sodhi to Benn, Flighted and angled across the off stump, Benn is beaten as he looks to block off the front foot. 149/9

    40.1 Ish Sodhi to Benn, Benn tries to get adventurous, tries the reverse sweep but in vain. The ball hits his glove and dies around him. 149/9

    39.6 M Craig to Shillingford, Flighted outside off, spins in and Shillingford comes forward to defend but gets beaten. He kept his bat tentatively close to the pad. We now move in to the extended half an hour. 149/9

    39.5 M Craig to Shillingford, Shillingford gets calmly forward and defends this time. 149/9

    39.4 M Craig to Shillingford, FOUR! Slapped! Short and outside off, Shillingford has no trouble in rocking back and dispatching the ball to the cover fence. 149/9

    39.3 M Craig to Shillingford, Flat on off, Shillingford gets down the track but blocks. 145/9

    39.2 M Craig to S Benn, Benn gets an inside edge through square leg for a run. 145/9

    39.1 M Craig to Benn, FOUR! Crunched! Benn gets down to a flighted ball and sweeps with some force to the square leg fence. 144/9

    38.6 Ish Sodhi to Shillingford, Flat around off, tries to heave the ball over mid-wicket, but fails. 140/9

    38.5 Ish Sodhi to Shillingford, The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery. 140/9

    38.4 Ish Sodhi to Shillingford, SIX! Shillingford smacks it! Comes to the crease and sends a tossed up delivery out of the park. That's muscled out. 140/9

    38.3 Ish Sodhi to Shillingford, Tossed up around middle and off, beats the last man Shillingford. 134/9

    Last batsman Shane Shillingford comes in.

    38.2 Ish Sodhi to Taylor, OUT! Taylor dances down the ground gets an outside edge and Watling takes yet another sharp catch. Last wicket required for the Kiwis. 134/9

    38.1 Sodhi to Taylor, Nicely flighted delivery around middle and off, spins sharply away from Taylor and misses the edge, all the fielders around the bat go up but turned down. The Kiwis ask for a review and no signs of an edge. Not out! 134/8

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