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    IPL 5, Match 29: as it happened

    Kolkata chase down 127 to beat Deccan Chargers by 5 wickets to register their fourth win of the season.

    Kolkata Knight Riders innings

    19 overs: KKR 127 for 5 Duminy bowls a wide. Kolkata win! It's their fourth win in seven matches, while Deccan remain miserable after their fifth successive loss. It's highly unlikely that they can pick themselves up from here.

    19th over: KKR 126 for 5 The first ball of Amit Mishra yields two, second a four. Tiwary plays a superb shot, chit it over the bowler's head. It's over for them. The scores are tied.

    18th over: KKR 116 for 5 Anand Rajan drops a difficult chance at long on. Debabrata Das survives. Bowler Veer Pratap Singh is dejected. This catch could have given Deccan a chance.

    17th over: KKR 107 for 5 Dale Steyn comes back on, and strikes. Sends compatriot Jacques Kallis back in the hut. The outswinger takes the outside edge and Parthiv Patel pouches a regulation catch behind the wicket. Can Deccan turn it around from here? Or is it too late? Steyn and Tiwary exchange a few heated words to the much amusement of the crowd.

    Kallis c †Patel b Steyn 23 (24)

    16th over: KKR 101 for 4 A stumping appeal against Tiwary off the fourth ball of Ankit Sharma's over, but replays shows he dragged his left feet well back in time.

    15th over: KKR 97 for 4 Veer Pratap Singh returns. His last spell was very ordinary. Let's see what he does this time. Well, not much. Seven runs off the over.

    14th over: KKR 90 for 4 Manoj Tiwary uses his feet to good effect. Takes a four off the bowling of Mishra. The rest of the over is relatively quiet.

    13th over: KKR 81 for 4 Ankit bowls another good over. Just three off it. If Deccan can take another, we will have a real match, for sure. As for Kolkata, one decent partnership and the match is theirs.

    12th over: KKR 78 for 4 Anand Rajan continues. A lot has changed since his removal of Gambhir. He is hiding the seam to keep the batsmen guessing. Another good over by Rajan.

    11th over: KKR 73 for 4 Ankit Sharma cleans up Yusuf Pathan. Hits a six over mid-wicket before getting bowled. Tries another big hit, misses the line of the ball. Big wicket for Deccan. They are in it now.

    Pathan b Ankit Sharma 6 (4)

    10th over: KKR 65 for 3 Anand Rajan comes into the attack to try his luck. And guess what he has done it. Gambhir out. Tries to clear mid-off but fails. Kumar Sangakkara takes an easy catch.

    Gambhir c Sangakkara b Anand Rajan 30 (28)

    9th over: KKR 58 for 2 Kallis hits a scorcher through the covers. It's been hit so powerfully that the fielder at the boundary fails to stop it. The rest of the over is quiet. Meanwhile, first strategic timeout of this innings has been taken.

    8th over: KKR 52 for 2 Spin attack from both ends. Cameron White has been brought on. Eight from the over. A poor over when compared with Mishra's.

    7th over: KKR 44 for 2 Amit Mishra has been called over and he does the job. Bowls Bisla. It was a googly.

    Bisla b Mishra 10 (13)

    6th over: KKR 42 for 1 Veer Pratap continues and concedes a four off the first ball. Gambhir is at his best. Now Bisla gets in on the act. The ball races past point. Remember, Kolkata are chasing 127 to win.

    5th over: KKR 32 for 1 Steyn concedes six runs in the over with Bisla helping himself to a boundary, through a leg glance.

    4th over: KKR 26 for 1 Veer Pratap Singh concedes two fours in the over. Gambhir and Bisla take one each. Steyn needs supports from the other end. Such overs are going to mar his efforts.

    3rd over: KKR 17 for 1 McCullum plays a superb cover drive off Steyn. Four runs. A sight for sore eyes. Deccan need early wickets to make a match of it. Steyn strikes. The ball keeps low and the Kiwi is out lbw. Manvinder Bisla is the next man in.

    McCullum lbw b Steyn 10 (9)

    2nd over: KKR 9 for 0 Ankit Sharma comes into the attack. Bowls a tight over. Just four runs off it.

    1st over: KKR 5 for 0 Brendon McCullum and Gautam Gambhir walk out to the middle. Dale Steyn starts the proceedings for Deccan. One feels for him. He has bowled his heart out so far in this tournament but his team has not been among wins. Brendon off his blocks off the first ball. The next three balls have posed a lot of problems for Gambhir who is having a hard time against the swinging ball. However, off the penultimate delivery, he takes a four through the covers. A delightful stroke.

    Deccan Chargers innings:

    20th over: Deccan 126 for 7 Dale Steyn greets Sunil Narine with a six but falls off the next ball. Narine takes his second. 11 runs come off the last six balls.

    Steyn c Tiwary b Narine 7 (3)

    19th over: Deccan 115 for 6 Ankit Sharma is the next batsman to go. Tries to go for a big shot but finds Gambhir, who takes the skier with some difficulty. It almost came out of his hands. Balaji, meanwhile, has been on the on the money from his first ball. His four overs come to an end. He has taken two wickets at the expense of just 22 runs.

    Ankit Sharma c Gambhir b Balaji 1 (2)

    18th over: Deccan 111 for 5 Now Ishank Jaggi departs. Tries to hit Sunil Narine out of the park but he bungles it big time as the ball goes high in the air and Brendon McCullum takes an easy catch near long-on.

    Jaggi c McCullum b Narine 3 (7)

    17th over: Deccan 103 for 4 KKR are on top right now. Duminy and Jaggi are under tremendous pressure, understandably so. Just one run off Brett Lee, who has had a tremendous day at the office. Just 15 runs off four overs with one wicket.

    16th over: Deccan 102 for 4 Dhawan notches up his fifty. It's turning out to be a good season for him. Hang on. I should not have said that as the very next ball, he picks out Debbrata Das at deep mid-wicket. Bhatia gets his first wicket, while Das takes his second successive catch. This wicket is certainly going to hurt. Nothing is going right for Deccan at present.

    Dhawan c Das b Bhatia 50 (50)

    15th over: Deccan 98 for 3 Brett Lee returns and sends back compatriot White, who tries to pull it out of the park. The execution is poor and he holes out to Debabrata Das at deep square leg. Just three runs off the over. Great stuff by Lee.

    White c Das b Lee 10 (9)

    14th over: Deccan 95 for 2 Bhatia continues. White takes a four, past short third-man. He is key for Deccan, for sure. If he gets it right, it will surely be a challenging total on the board. The second strategic time-out takes effect.

    13th over: Deccan 87 for 2 Sunil Narine bowls a tidy over. Just three runs off it. The big-hitting Cameron White is the new man in. Here comes Shah Rukh Khan to a rousing acknowledgement from the crowd.

    12th over: Deccan 84 for 2 Parthiv Patel runs himself out. There was never a two as the sweeper cover throws it straight to bowler Bhatia who removes the bails at the non-striker's end. The left-hander could not return in time.

    Patel run out 23 (19)

    11th over: Deccan 76 for 1 11 runs come off the Balaji over with Dhawan picking up a four off the second ball.

    10th over: Deccan 67 for 1 Rajat Bhatia comes to bowl. A quiet over by means. The last few overs have been pretty dull. Some big shots are the need of the hour.

    9th over: Deccan 61 for 1 Parthiv gets his first boundary. Leaves his crease and plays the ball through the covers. No chance for the fieldsman. Kallis is not happy with himself, it seems. Tiwary denies Dhawan a boundary as he fields superbly at backward point.

    8th over: Deccan 53 for 1 The fifty is up for the hosts. Parthiv survives a close catch. Brendon McCullum dives full length at cover but the ball is out of his reach. It was a leading edge. Another superb over from Balaji.

    7th over: Deccan 48 for 1 Jacques Kallis takes over and concedes nine runs with Dhawan taking a four. Parthiv also played very well against Delhi and he must be looking to continue his good form here as well.

    6th over: Deccan 39 for 1 Lakshmipathy Baljai comes into the attack. And lo and behold, he cleans up Kumar Sangakkara. The Sri Lanka captain shows him his stumps while attempting a big shot but his bat fails to connect with the ball and the result is not good for Deccan. Parthiv Patel is the next batsman in.

    Sangakkara b Balaji 12 (15)

    5th over: Deccan 35 for 0 Five runs come off the Sunil Narine over. The West Indian does a great job and except the fifth ball when he conceded a four to Dhawan, the rest of the over is quite unplayable.

    4th over: Deccan 30 for 0 Dhawan pulls Brett Lee for a four through deep square leg. He is already in his stride. He gets another boundary, this time through the covers and it's been hit powerfully. Lee comes back nicely by conceding nothing off the last two balls. Still nine runs off the over.

    3rd over: Deccan 21 for 0 Dhawan and Sanga now tear into Yusuf Pathan. Dhawan hits a massive six over long-on. Sangakkara gets a four off the penultimate ball.

    2nd over: Deccan 8 for 0 Just three runs from the Brett Lee over. Despite having undergone many surgeries in the last couple of years, the Aussie has not lost his sting one bit. He is as formidable as ever.

    1st over: Deccan 5 for 0 Yusuf Pathan opens the bowling for Kolkata. Openers Kumar Sangakkara and Shikhar Dhawan play cautiously. Dhawan played a blinder of an innings in his team's last match against Delhi. Deccan fans must be hoping him to come good today as well.

    9 p.m.: Finally it has cleared up. We are not far from the start. The news brings the smile back on the faces of the fans who have packed the stadium.

    8.30 p.m.: The rain is intermittent in nature and that's what makes it frustrating for all the people out there. It stops one moment, begins the next. So are changing the expressions on people's faces there.

    8.10 p.m.: It's started raining again. The covers are back on. Nobody knows how long it will take to clear up. "Wait and watch" is all I can say right now. More bad news is coming from Cuttack: it does not seem it will start in a while as a big, threatening cloud cover is hanging over the stadium. It's not raining in spades but by the look of the cloud cover, one can't be too optimistic. Though the organisers are hopeful it will clear up soon.

    7.30 p.m.: KKR field. Gautam Gambhir wins the toss and says his team will have a bowl. Deccan captain Kumar Sangakkra says he doesn't mind losing the loss as he would have batted first anyway. News is coming in that Cameron White, who captained Deccan in the first few matches in the absence of Sangakkara, returns to take Dan Christian's place. The teams will be out soon.

    It's rained there quite a bit and the covers are on but word is that the match will begin soon.

    Deccan Chargers: Kumar Sangakkara(c), Shikhar Dhawan, Parthiv Patel(w), Cameron White, Jean-Paul Duminy, Ishank Jaggi, Ankit Sharma, Amit Mishra, Dale Steyn, Anand Rajan, Veer Pratap Singh

    Kolkata Knight Riders: Brendon McCullum, Gautam Gambhir(c), Manvinder Bisla(w), Jacques Kallis, Manoj Tiwary, Yusuf Pathan, Rajat Bhatia, Debabrata Das, Sunil Narine, Lakshmipathy Balaji, Brett Lee

    7.15 p.m.: Welcome to the match number 29 of the Indian Premier League season five between Deccan Chargers and Kolkata Knight Riders at Cuttack. This is the first match here this season. Deccan Chargers are winless so far and they will be hoping that the new venue changes their fortunes. The Barabati Stadium played host to two out of seven of Deccan's home games in IPL 4 and on both occasions the hosts were on the winning side. Gautam Gambhir's Kolkata Knight Riders go into this match after a fine display against Punjab in their previous match. However, their best is yet to come. Out of the six matches so far, it's been 3 wins and 3 losses for them.