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    Dhoni amazed by third umpire goof-up

    Bruce Oxenford pressed the \'OUT\' button by mistake for a stumping appeal regarding Michael Hussey.

    Brisbane: Team India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni was stumped by what happened in the 29th over of the Australian innings involving Michael Hussey. The Aussie was called back even after third umpire Bruce Oxenford ruled him out in Sunday's CB series match.

    Hussey, batting on one, missed a slow one from Suresh Raina. Dhoni took off the bails and it was hard to understand whether the Aussie had dragged his foot back in time. On-field umpire Billy Bowden referred the decision to third umpire, who even after watching the replay (which showed Hussey safe), pressed the wrong button.

    As a dejected Hussey started walking back to the pavilion, Bowden stopped him halfway saying he was 'not out' and the television umpire had made a mistake in pressing the button upstairs in the cabin.

    The incident simply amazed Dhoni. "I understand the pressure is on the on-field umpires, but when you have plenty of time to make a decision, sitting in an air-conditioned room, how can you press the wrong button?" Dhoni said.

    The Indian skipper felt that these sort of incidents affect the emotions of a team. "When the team sees 'OUT' on the screen, the morale is suddenly up and then, it is hard to recover from it when suddenly it comes up as 'NOT OUT,' " he said.