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    Ganguly enjoying new role: Buchanan

    Cape Town: Knight Riders coach John Buchanan won't probably come anywhere near winning a popularity poll in Kolkata any time soon but he doesn't seem too bothered. Buchanan sat down for an in-depth interview with CNN-IBN.

    CNN-IBN: What do you make of McCullum's captaincy so far?

    John Buchanan: I think he is doing a great job. He has got great support from Brad Hodge, Gayle and Sourav. He is learning as well and bringing in his own experience. I can see him improving throughout the tournament.

    CNN-IBN: How is Sourav getting used to having a new leader?

    John Buchanan: He is doing good. You saw him really enjoying himself when he was brought on to bowl. I think he is really enjoying the role that he has been given to make runs and take the odd wicket here and there. If he has a good tournament, so will we.

    CNN-IBN: Is there pressure coming in may be not directly from Shah Rukh Khan but because of the support he has given to you all to deliver and ensure that the team does well?

    John Buchanan: No, I think one thing we don't get from Shah Rukh is the pressure to win. What he provides is the support around the team and giving everybody encouragement to play as well as that can. He along with Jai and Juhi have been great, they just want the team to go out there and play and they support us, we win or we lose.

    CNN-IBN: He said yesterday that he has received a lot of hate mails after the change in captaincy. Your thoughts?

    John Buchanan: He is an icon in India and in Kolkata. It's just the case of something changing and there will always be people who would disagree with that. Hopefully, we can change that hate mails to love mails by the end of the IPL.

    CNN-IBN: Have you read the KKR blog that has been doing the rounds? People are saying you could be the one who has written that.

    John Buchanan: I don't understand blogging. I haven't read it but I have heard of it. It's not just about the Knight Riders, I understand. There are a few other teams mentioned there as well. It's one of those things that if we want it to be, it can be a distraction but we are not allowing it.