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    Hussey's dry phase continues

    Replays confirmed that Michael Hussey did not nick the ball on which was was given out.

    Getting a wrong decision when you are out of form could be the worst thing that can happen to any batsman. And Michael Hussey, who has been off colour for quite some time, got a rough one from umpire Marais Erasmus when a rising delivery from Zaheer Khan zipped past the left-hander's bat, almost touching his glove or some part of his bat before going into Indian skipper MS Dhoni's gloves. The replays, however, confirmed that the ball touched nothing on its way to Dhoni.

    But the umpire raised his finger much to the disbelief of the batsman, who was livid and left the ground in utter disgust.The seasoned campaigner, who desperately needs some runs under his belt, took the long walk back for a golden duck.