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    As it happened: India vs West Indies, 1st Test, Day 3

    Mohammad Shami has made a smooth landing in Test cricket with his 4/71 at Eden Gardens, but will now have to touch that benchmark consistently.

    Mohammad Shami has made a smooth landing in Test cricket with his 4/71 at Eden Gardens, but will now have to touch that benchmark consistently. (BCCI Images)

    Day 2 Round-up

    India lost five wickets in the morning session on Thursday, including that of Sachin Tendulkar for just 10, and were 83 for 5 at one stage, but a century on Test debut by Rohit Sharma and his game-changing 198-run partnership with R Ashwin helped India end day two of the first Test against West Indies at 354 for 6, giving the hosts almost a decisive lead of 120.

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    Shane Shillingford started the day spinning the game West Indies' way with his four-wicket spell (4 for 130), but then the tide started turning in India's favour. First, MS Dhoni and Rohit added 73 to steady the ship and then Ashwin helped Rohit row it to a match-winning situation. At stumps, Rohit looked impregnable at 127* and Ashwin was just eight runs away from his second Test century.

    Commentary (West Indies 2nd Innings)

    It's been an intriguing three days of Test cricket and India have dominated almost the entire game. The two sides will meet for the final Test at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on 14th November. It will be Tendulkar's 200th and final Test. So, don't miss any of the action and be back with us for all the coverage.

    The Man of the Match award is given to Rohit Sharma for his 177 runs on debut. He says that it's a very memorable Test match and it couldn't have got any better. The key according to Rohit, was his partnership with Ashwin as batting wasn't that easy when the two got together. The aim today morning, he informs, was to get the lead over 200 and they achieved it pretty easily. Sharma has a word of thanksgiving to the Eden Gardens pitch on which he loves to bat.

    MS Dhoni, the victorious and Indian skipper calls this performance fantastic. He feels that the second day was the worst to bat and it got better only later in the day. He is satisfied with the bowling, terms it as disciplined. Dhoni adds that as a fast bowler, pace is important and lauds Shami Ahmed for the same and the movement he extracted. He states that it's good to see Sharma do so well as he is very talented and adds that it is destiny that has got him to debut so late. Dhoni cites the value of contributions from the numbers 9, 10 and 11 in Tests as key these days and has words of appreciation for Ashwin as well.

    Darren Sammy, the West Indian skipper says that his team keeps singing the same song. They gave it away, on day 1 and even when India were batting before lunch yesterday. To get bowled out under 60 overs isn't good for any side in Test cricket and he feels that his team should have batted at least 120 overs. Sammy credits Shillingford's efforts and hopes that some of the bowlers, himself included, should have backed him up.

    Today, India piled up runs at will and accumulated a massive lead of 219. West Indies were always going to be on the back foot and once again, Shami Ahmed's spell of breath-taking reverse swing did the damage and things were wrapped up very quickly as he took a five-wicket haul on Test debut.

    Shami's blistering spell in the 1st innings rocked back West Indies and they were bowled out for a paltry total of 234. India too did not get off to the finest of starts. Tottering at around 83 for 5, Test debutant Rohit Sharma then led a tremendous fightback, first with skipper MS Dhoni and then with Ravichandran Ashwin, who went to make another century against this side.

    A very well accomplished win for India here in the 1st of the 2-Test match series. Eventually, they managed to run over the opposition without so much as a hiccup to wrap up the match in just around 3 days.

    54.1 S Ahmed to Cotterrell, OUT! India win by an innings and 51 runs! Shami is jubilant as he gets his maiden five wicket haul on debut! Full and just outside off, gets the ball to come in once again and Cotterrell swings down the wrong line, only to find his stumps shattered. This is the sixth bowled that Ahmed has got in this game, most of which have hit the middle stump. An easy stump to pick up after this wicket as the middle one lies looking up at the skies. 168/10

    53.6 R Ashwin to Chanderpaul, Flat on the pads, Chanderpaul goes back to work the ball away but misses and is struck on his pad. Ashwin puts in an animated appeal but that was probably going down the leg side. Umpire Llong gets it right this time around. 168/9

    53.5 R Ashwin to Chanderpaul, Tossed up around off, pushed away to point off the front foot. 168/9

    53.4 R Ashwin to Chanderpaul, Flighted around off, turns away as Chanderpaul goes back and gets beaten on his defensive push. 168/9

    53.3 R Ashwin to S Cotterrell, Flighted up on middle and off, Cotterrell pushes at the ball and edges it to short third man. Tendulkar doesn't throw accurately and the single is completed with ease. 168/9

    53.2 R Ashwin to Cotterrell, Tossed up just outside off, Cotterrell comes forward and defends the ball to point. 167/9

    53.1 R Ashwin to Cotterrell, FOUR! Cotterrell is off the pair! Flighted delivery outside off, driven straight past mid off for a boundary to get his first runs in international cricket. 167/9

    52.6 S Ahmed to Chanderpaul, Good length delivery outside off, left alone. 163/9

    52.5 S Ahmed to Chanderpaul, FOUR! Caressed! Full and angled across the off stump, Chanderpaul leans forward and drives the ball through cover-point for a boundary. 163/9

    52.4 S Ahmed to Chanderpaul, Back of a length and pushed well across off, shouldered arms to once again. 159/9

    52.3 S Ahmed to Chanderpaul, Good length delivery around off stump, Chanderpaul keeps his bat well inside the line and leaves it alone. 159/9

    52.2 S Ahmed to Chanderpaul, Good length delivery on middle and off, Chanderpaul gets behind the line of the ball and blocks. 159/9

    52.1 S Ahmed to Chanderpaul, Full and just outside off, Chanderpaul goes back and across and defends to point. 159/9

    51.6 R Ashwin to Cotterrell, Flat and just outside off, Cotterrell comes forward and edges the ball to the third man region. Chanderpaul wanted the single although this is the last ball of the over. Wonder why he wanted the single and lose strike. 159/9

    51.5 R Ashwin to Cotterrell, Floated up around off, Cotterrell swings across the line and mistimes the ball to mid on. 159/9

    51.4 R Ashwin to Cotterrell, Floated up around off, defended off the front foot to the off side. 159/9

    Last man, Sheldon Cotterrell walks out to bat, he's on a pair.

    51.3 R Ashwin to Best, OUT! Best's rush of blood has proved to be some kind of embarrassment for him! Flighted up outside off, Best tries to loft the ball over cow corner but miscues it high up towards deep mid-wicket where Ojha takes a pretty simple catch. Everybody has a laugh but Best checks his shot as he walks back to the paviiion. What a character he is! India, a wicket away from victory. 159/9

    51.2 R Ashwin to Best, Flat around off, defended off the back foot. 159/8

    51.1 R Ashwin to Chanderpaul, Slightly short outside off, cut away behind point for a single. 159/8

    50.6 S Ahmed to Best, Short of a length and just outside off, goes the other way and Best allows the ball through. Dhoni was expecting the inswing as well and was nearly wrong-footed as he dived to collect the ball. Ahmed meanwhile smiles at Best who still goes on blabbering. 158/8

    50.5 S Ahmed to Best, Ahmed goes for the bouncer this time and Best ducks in a hurry. Ahmed has a few words to say to Best and he has more to say back at Ahmed. 158/8

    50.4 S Ahmed to Chanderpaul, Fullish on the pads, flicked away to deep mid-wicket for a single. 158/8

    50.3 S Ahmed to Chanderpaul, Back of a length and angled well across the off stump, Chanderpaul allows the ball through. 157/8

    50.2 S Ahmed to Best, Full and in-dipping delivery on the pads, worked away to deep square leg for a single. 157/8

    Leg slip kept in place for Best.

    50.1 S Ahmed to Chanderpaul, Full on off stump, Chanderpaul works the ball away with soft hands to mid-wicket for a run. 156/8

    49.6 R Ashwin to Best, Flighted up outside off, Best is into the forward defensive position pretty early and the ball comes and hits the top part of his bat and goes just wide of slip. 155/8

    49.5 R Ashwin to T Best, Very slowly thrown up outside off, Best comes forward, pretty late and defends the ball. 155/8

    49.4 R Ashwin to Chanderpaul, Slanted in towards the pads, worked away to long leg for a single. 155/8

    49.3 R Ashwin to Chanderpaul, Flighted up on off, Chanderpaul goes fractionally back and defends. 154/8

    49.2 R Ashwin to Chanderpaul, Chanderpaul dances down the track to a floated up delivery on middle and drives the ball back to Ashwin. 154/8

    49.1 R Ashwin to Best, Flighted up just outside off, Best leans forward and pushes the ball through point. There is confusion over the second which Best wanted while Chanderpaul didn't. Tendulkar throws at the non-striker's end but Best heads back to safety. 154/8

    48.6 S Ahmed to Best, Full with the much expected inward dip, Best somehow turns the ball away through square leg for a single. 153/8

    Tino Best walks in to bat.

    48.5 S Ahmed to Permaul, OUT! Permaul survives one way but perishes via another route! Full on middle, with a lot of reverse which Permaul finds very hard to negotiate. His is hit almost right in front and the appeal is set on the wheels by the Indians. However, the umpire feels that it's sliding down the leg side. Dhoni, to who the ball goes soon after it hits the pad, uses his presence of mind and under-arms the ball on to the stumps at the striker's end. The third umpire is roped in and Permaul was caught napping as he lazily walks back to the crease. 152/8

    There is a huge shout for lbw which is turned down but there is a run out chance and the third umpire is called in.

    Veerasammy Permaul is the next man to the crease.

    48.4 S Ahmed to Shillingford, OUT! Number four for Ahmed and number 7 for West Indies! Pitched up just outside off, the ball jags back in once again as Shillingford looks to drive the ball down the wrong line and finds his off stump disturbed. Ahmed is ecstatic and so are all the other Indians at the venue. India just a brink or so away from winning today. 152/7

    48.3 S Ahmed to Shillingford, Full and slides the ball down the leg side, goes through to Dhoni. 152/6

    Shane Shillingford walks in.

    48.2 Ahmed to D Sammy, OUT! Sammy has been done in by sharp pace and lack of bounce! A short of a length ball, seaming in and shoots through low to go through the defenses of Sammy before he could even react. Middle of middle stump has been hit and Shami is in the middle of a great Test match. 152/6

    48.1 S Ahmed to Sammy, Good length delivery and tailing in, Sammy keeps it away towards short leg. 152/5

    Mohammad Shami back into the attack.

    Drinks break!

    47.6 R Ashwin to Sammy, Driven down to long on for a single. 152/5

    47.5 R Ashwin to Chanderpaul, Flighted up around off, Chanderpaul charges down the track and plays an inside out drive through extra cover. Ahmed at long off does well with his boot and saves a run for India. 151/5

    47.4 R Ashwin to Chanderpaul, Floated up outside off, Chanderpaul goes back and looks to play a half hearted cut but misses. 148/5

    47.3 R Ashwin to Chanderpaul, Flat on middle, defended to the on side. 148/5

    47.2 R Ashwin to Chanderpaul, Played to the point region by the batsman. 148/5

    47.1 R Ashwin to Chanderpaul, Flighted up just outside off, Chanderpaul defends the ball down to point. 148/5

    46.6 P Ojha to Sammy, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat. 148/5

    46.5 P Ojha to Sammy, Tossed up outside off, driven towards cover. 148/5

    46.4 P Ojha to Sammy, Flat and skidding on off, Sammy stays put and blocks it. 148/5

    46.3 P Ojha to Sammy, A little short around off, Sammy goes back and punches it away. 148/5

    46.2 P Ojha to Sammy, Sammy has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery. 148/5

    46.1 P Ojha to S Chanderpaul, A flighted ball, driven through mid off for one. 148/5

    45.6 R Ashwin to D Sammy, Dropped by Vijay! Ashwin gets it to drift in, Sammy jams his bat and pad, gets an inside edge but Vijay at short leg was late to react. 147/5

    45.5 R Ashwin to Sammy, FOUR! Nicely driven. Full and loopy on middle, Sammy drives away from his body, against the spin but nicely in the gap through covers. 147/5

    45.4 R Ashwin to Sammy, Flat and full around off, blocked down. 143/5

    45.3 R Ashwin to Chanderpaul, Loopy and wide, Chanderpaul reaches out and drives it through covers for one. 143/5

    45.2 R Ashwin to Chanderpaul, Full and tossed up, tucked away towards the leg side. 142/5

    45.1 R Ashwin to Chanderpaul, Flatter on middle, flicked away wide of square leg for a couple. 142/5

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