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    KCA still hopeful about Kochi IPL team

    Kerala Cricket Association (KCA) Secretary T C Mathew feels only a miracle can change things for Kochi IPL.

    Kozhikode: Kerala Cricket Association (KCA) Secretary T C Mathew feels only a miracle can change things for Kochi IPL which is racing against time to resolve its ownership issues.

    The 30-day notice period given by BCCI to IPL Kochi to come out with an explaination regarding its ownership pattern ends this Saturday but Mathew is still hopeful that the IPL Kochi team would become a reality.

    "The differences in the Kochi IPL is yet to be solved. BCCI has given one-month time for solving the problems and time is running out," KCA Secretary T C Mathew told reporters here.

    Asked about media reports that the Kochi IPL issue has been solved, he said, "We are not aware of any patch-up. We do not think it is possible to solve in two or three days. A miracle should happen."

    Dwelling on various developmental activities of KCA, he said a Rs. 350 crore international cricket stadium is proposed to be built up at Edakochi in Ernakulam district and scheduled for completion in 2012.

    The project will include practice stadiums, indoor practice stadiums, a clubhouse, swimming pools, tennis, badminton and squash courts, gymnasium, a marine and a parking facility.

    Another project is CASH-Kerala (Cricket Academies and Sports Hostels) programme, designed to cash in on cricketing talent in Kerala to reap benefits in the near future, he said.

    The third is Mission 2020, envisages infrastructure development for all 14 districts

    Mathew said Mission 2020 envisages the state winning the Ranji trophy, going up from Plate Group to Elite Group, he said.

    There would be at least one national level tournament, that would be played from Kerala, he said.

    'Cricket @ School' was another ambitious project aimed at including all schools in Kerala in the cricket network, he said

    He said for the first time in Kerala cricket history, the state would host 33 BCCI matches at various venues, including Ranji trophy matches, under-22 matches, under-16 matches and the knockout matches and three under-19 matches.

    Kozhikode would host a match after an 11-year gap at the National Institute of Technology renovated cricket ground.