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    Kenya coach refuses to quit despite flop

    \"Quitting is not in my plans,\" former West Indies all-rounder Baptiste told reporters.

    Nairobi: Kenya coach Eldine Baptiste said he had no plans to quit even though Kenya failed to win a match at the World Cup.

    "Quitting is not in my plans," former West Indies all-rounder Baptiste told reporters after arriving back from the Indian sub-continent.

    However, after being thrashed by opponents such as New Zealand (10 wickets), Pakistan (205 runs), Sri Lanka (nine wickets) and Zimbabwe (161 runs), former players are calling for a change.

    "This is the time to take action and send the coach packing," former captain Edward Tito told Reuters. "We need a rethink on our strategy and our priorities."

    Three weeks ago Baptise had said he would consider his future with the team at the end of the tournament when his contract expires, while Cricket Kenya chairman hinted the coach had fallen out with some of his senior players. Baptiste denied there had been a split in the camp.

    However, their performance in the event was a far cry from the impact they made in 2003 when they reached the semi-finals.

    Cricket Kenya chief executive Tom Sears said would meet Baptiste to discuss the team's future.

    "I have spoken to him (Eldine) on telephone. Our performance was unacceptable and an overhaul of the squad is necessary," Sears told Reuters.

    "Obviously, everybody is very disappointed and we want to start reviewing the national team performance immediately.

    "We'll be focusing on the national team performance... we need to address how and where to improve and this includes the national league proposal and other development programmes."