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    Letter confirms Pawar's share in IPL bid

    New Delhi: Union Agriculture Sharad Pawar denies that he was personally involved in bidding for the Pune IPL team but a document accessed by CNN-IBN may force him to explain his position.

    CNN-IBN has accessed letter written by the Maharastra Cricket Association (MCA) to City Corporation, a company in which Pawar and his family have 16 per cent stake, on March 19. The letter indicates MCA was keen on an association with City Corporation for bidding for the Pune IPL franchise

    The letter indicates MCA knew City Corporation Ltd was bidding for Pune IPL team. It also indicates MCA received communication from City Corporation on March 19 itself.

    The letter contradicts Pawar's claim that Aniruddha Deshpande, MD of City Corporation, bid for the team in his individual capacity.

    Pawar has all along maintained that City Corporation was not involved in the bidding and Deshpande did so in his personal capacity. “The bid was made by a top official of the company in his personal capacity and not on behalf of the firm,” said Pawar on Sunday.