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    IPL 5, Match 47: as it happened

    Needing 18 to win in the last over, Pune fell short by seven runs as KKR registered their seventh win.

    Pune Warriors India innings:

    Three wickets by Marchant de Lange and a fifty by skipper Gautam Gambhir helped Kolkata Knight Riders beat Pune Warriors India by seven runs. It's KKR's sixth win in ten matches. This is it with our live match updates. Our match report will be up shortly.

    20th over: 143 for 8 Despite scoring 10 runs in the last over bowled by de Lange, Pune still fall short by seven runs. Another good win for KKR.

    A Mathews c Shukla b de Lange 35 (27)

    19th over: 133 for 7 Superb stuff by Narine. The West Indies' mystery spinner gives away just 13 runs in his four overs, which includes a wicket as well. KKR are firm favourites now.

    18th over: 129 for 6 After sending Bhatia for a straight six earlier in the over, Ganguly departs while repeating another big hit later in the over. Abdulla takes a simple catch at deep mid-wicket. Nine runs and the wicket of Ganguly. A good over for KKR.

    S Ganguly c Iqbal Abdulla b Bhatia 36 (35)

    17th over: 120 for 5 Still nobody is picking Narine, who gives away just four runs at this crucial juncture. He still has an over left and that may be decisive in the context of the result.

    16th over: 116 for 5 Another welcome boundary for Pune. Ganguly inside edges one between his legs that goes through the fine-leg for a four. Seven runs from this over of Bhatia.

    15th over: 109 for 5 Great stuff from Mathews. The Sri Lankan allrounder hits three consecutive sixes off Yusuf Pathan as Pune recover from their early losses. The most expensive over of the innings, 19 runs have come off it. The momentum is now with Pune.

    14th over: 90 for 5 Bhatia continues and takes the pace off the ball. Pune now requires 61 off the last six overs. The asking rate is rising with each delivery.`

    13th over: 84 for 5 Now Pathan gets the ball. But just like the last over, runs are coming in singles at the moment. Both Ganguly and Mathews are taking Pune closer to KKR's total. But they need to start swinging.

    12th over: 80 for 5 Bhatia has been brought into the attack. Five singles have come off this over as the bowler changes his pace brilliantly.

    11th over: 75 for 5 Narine is proving extremely difficult to get away. His variations have hardly been picked by any of the batsmen. Ganguly late cuts again to guide the ball to the right of the short fine-leg fielder for a boundary.

    10th over: 66 for 5 Back-to-back boundaries for Sourav Ganguly. He comes down the track to loft Kallis over mid-off and then plays a late upper-cut for another four. Two more singles to end the over.

    9th over: 55 for 5 Sunil Narine, the top-performer with the ball for KKR so far in the league, has come on to bowl now. After bowling an unplayable wrong'un first up, he bowls an almost identical delivery which takes an inside edge before hitting Smith's pad. But umpire thinks otherwise and raises his finger. Now fifth down for Pune. Narine starts with a maiden.

    S Smith lbw b Narine 14 (16)

    8th over: 55 for 4 Another one goes down for Pune. Manhas couldn't control a short Kallis delivery, which baloons in the air, and is taken comfortably by Abdulla at mid-wicket. Pune's chase of 151 is going from bad to worse.

    M Manhas c Iqbal Abdulla b Kallis 1 (3)

    7th over: 50 for 3 Abdulla finishes his four-over spell with a wicket. He tempts Pandey with a well-flighted delivery and gets the batsman caught at long-off where Das takes a good catch. Five runs and a wicket in this over. Abdulla finishes with 1 for 25.

    M Pandey c Das b Iqbal Abdulla 17 (15)

    6th over: 45 for 2 A good over for the visitors. De Lange seems to be getting tired now. After giving away three singles off the first three balls, he bowls a no-ball which costs him a boundary. Ten runs have been scored in this over.

    5th over: 35 for 2 After two singles and a dot off the first three balls, Pandey pulls one through wide mid-on for a four. Another dot and a single to finish the over.

    4th over: 28 for 2 Another wicket for de Lange. After picking up Clarke early, the pace bowler strikes with the wicket of Uthappa, who is caught in the covers by Shukla.

    R Uthappa c Shukla b de Lange 16 (14)

    3rd over: 22 for 1 Abdulla continues and bowls a good over. He thought that he had got Uthappa when the batsman tried to reverse swept him and the ball struck on his pads. But the umpire gave it a not-out as he indicated the ball could have missed the off-stump.

    2nd over: 18 for 1 A great start by Marchant de Lange, KKR's South African import. He clean bowls Michael Clarke off his very first delivery. Four singles off the next four balls till Manish Pandey, who replaced Clarke, hits a cracking square-cut for four off the last.

    M Clarke b de Lange 1 (2)

    1st over: 10 for 0 Iqbal Abdulla has been given the ball by Gambhir. After a dot and a couple of runs off the misfield, Uthappa late cuts to bring Pune's first boundary. Two more singles to end the first over.

    Kolkata Knight Riders innings:

    A very good comeback by Pune. After leaking 98 runs off the first 10 overs, the visitors gave away only 50 runs in the last 10 and also picked up five wickets. KKR finished with 150 for 5 in their 20 overs.

    20th over: 150 for 5 Parnell bowls the last over and nine runs have been scored off this one.

    19th over: 141 for 5 Kumar picks up Pathan off the first ball. He was close to getting two in two if Steven Smith could have held onto a difficult chance of Das at long-on, which ended up in a six. But he gets another wicket off the final ball of his spell when, to crowds delight, Ganguly takes a good running catch to send Shukla back.

    L Shukla c Ganguly b Kumar 0 (1)

    18th over: 134 for 3 Runs are coming in singles for KKR till Parnell bowls a no-ball and a wide to give two extras. But still only seven runs from this over. The visitors are bowling terrifically in death overs.

    17th over: 127 for 3 What a turn around. After 98 runs in the first ten overs, only 29 runs have come off the next seven. Brilliant stuff by Pune. Yusuf Pathan and Debabrata Das are struggling to get their timings right.

    16th over: 125 for 3 The first ball is a dot and then Mathew strikes again. This time he clean bowls Jacques Kallis. Three back-to-back wickets have pulled things back for Pune. Only four runs and an important wicket of Kallis from this over.

    J Kallis b Mathews 1 (4)

    15th over: 121 for 2 Good back-to-back overs for the visitors. After just one run in the previous over, only six runs have come from Kartik's fourth over. His figures read 1 for 22.

    14th over: 115 for 2 What an over for Pune. Only one run have come off it and KKR lose McCullum as well. McCullum looked unhappy as he might have got an inside edge to that. Nevertheless, Mathews gets his first wicket.

    B McCullum lbw b Mathews 42 (43)

    13th over: Kartik returns for Pune and strikes with the big wicket of Gambhir. The little left-hander reaches out for a full-toss and hits it straight into the hands of Mithun Manhas at long-on. But the KKR skipper has done his work. He has provided the home side a rollicking start with McCullum.

    G Gambhir c Manhas b Kartik 56 (36)

    12th over: 111 for 0 Mathews bowls his second over. Gambhir takes a couple and a single off the first two balls, two dots follow, and then two singles to end the over. A good over comparatively for the visitors as only five runs have come off it.

    11th over: 106 for 0 Brilliant! The two batsmen complete the 100-run stand in 62 balls. Gambhir too gets his half-century. It's proving out to be an unforgettable outing for Pune. Parnell, who seems to be more effective than all the Pune bowlers, too is going for over 10 an over.

    10th over: 98 for 0 KKR are scoring around 10 an over. They take 49 runs in the last five overs. Angelo Mathews, who replaces Kumar, has also gone for nine runs in his first over.

    9th over: 89 for 0 What a miss by Dinda. He spills a dolly. McCullum sweeps a Clarke delivery, which gets a top edge but Dinda couldn't hold onto the simplest of catches at short fine-leg. Another seven runs from it.

    8th over: 82 for 0 Kumar replaces Dinda. And fortunately for Pune that no boundary is scored in this over. But still seven runs have come from it.

    7th over: 75 for 0 Sourav Ganguly brings in Michael Clarke, who gives away just three singles off his first five balls. But Gambhir chips down the track off the last and pierce the gap between long-on and deep mid-wicket perfectly for four.

    6th over: 68 for 0 If the last over was big than this is bigger. Two singles and a couple of runs off the first three balls, and then a four from the outside edge of McCullum's blade. Gambhir then launches Dinda for a big six over the deep mid-wicket region. Another four down the leg side to end the over.

    5th over: 49 for 0 Ganguly brings Parnell into the attack. Ganguly punches a slightly fuller delivery over the extra cover for four. He takes a single off the second, and then a four leg byes down the leg side. McCullum comes down the track and lofts Parnell over the long-on boundary for a six off the fourth. Two singles to finish the over. A big over for the home side as 17 runs have come off it.

    4th over: 32 for 0 Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes on to bowl. And it's a terrible start for the medium pacer, who gives away five wides down the leg side off the first ball. Another wide in the same region follows. A dot ball then a wide, this time outside off stump. Gambhir takes a single off the second, and then two more singles. Two dot balls to end the over.

    3rd over: 22 for 0 Kartik continues. McCullum reverse sweeps off the first ball for a boundary but plays three dots in a row. Two singles to finish Kartik's second over.

    2nd over: 16 for 0 Dinda, another local lad, has come on to bowl and Brendon McCullum is on strike. The first three balls are on the mark and are dots, McCullum takes a single off the fourth. Dinda pitches it short and Gambhir pulls it over the deep square-leg for a six. Another couple of runs to finish the over. Nine runs have come off it.

    1st over: 7 for 0 Gambhir takes the strike for KKR. Murali Kartik starts the proceedings for Pune. The first ball is a dot. Gambhir pulls a short ball on the middle stump for a boundary. A wide down the leg side follows, two dot balls and two singles to end the over.

    3.30 p.m.: It's pretty sunny at the Eden Gardens. Gambhir wins the toss, Kolkata will bat first. Ganguly says he would have done the same. By the way, Breet Lee is not playing in this match, his place has been taken by South African Marchant de Lange. As for Pune's eleven, Sri Lanka allrounder Angelo Mathews returns. The teams will be out in a while.

    Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir(c), Brendon McCullum(w), Jacques Kallis, Manoj Tiwary, Yusuf Pathan, Debabrata Das, Rajat Bhatia, Laxmi Shukla, Sunil Narine, Iqbal Abdulla, Marchant de Lange

    Pune Warriors India: Robin Uthappa(w), Manish Pandey, Michael Clarke, Sourav Ganguly(c), Steven Smith, Angelo Mathews, Mithun Manhas, Wayne Parnell, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Murali Kartik, Ashok Dinda

    3.20 p.m.: It's a flat, lifeless wicket at the Eden Gardesn. Navjot Singh Sidhu says the bowlers will have a hard time here. KKR captain Gautam Gambhir sounds very positive ahead of the toss. Pune captain Sourav Ganguly gets a rousing welcome.

    3.15 p.m.: Hello and welcome to match number 47 of the Indian Premier League between Kolkata Knight Riders and Pune Warriors India. It's homecoming for former KKR captain Sourav Ganguly, who is in charge of Pune this time. The name Ganguly is synonymous with cricket in Kolkata and it will be interesting to see how the Kolkatans react when they see their favourite son in a different outfit. Here is the preview for those who want more.