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    IPL 5, Match 42: as it happened

    Cameron White scored 74 off 45 balls and Sangakkara smashed 82 off 52 to help Deccan Chargers beat Pune by 13 runs.

    Pune Warriors India innings:

    20th over: 173 for 5. Deccan get their second win and do the double over Pune Warriors India. Pratap Singh bowls the last over and gives just nine from the over and also picks up Mithun Manhas.

    Manhas c Sangakkara b Pratap Singh 7(4)

    19th over: 164 for 4. Ashish Reddy continues and picks up Uthappa, who earlier smashed him for six off the third ball. He perishes going for another maximum but was caught in he deep. Meanwhile, Smith smacks him for another six off the last ball to keep them in hunt.

    Uthappa c (sub)Dan Harris b Ashish Reddy 26(18

    18th over: 147 for 3. Steyn continues and bowls a waist height no-ball that Smith hits for four. Pune pick up twelve from the over and bring up fifty-run stand between them.

    17th over: 135 for 3. Ashish Reddy is back into the attack and Deccan Chargers Pune batsmen pick ten from the over. Smith and Uthappa have the ability to take this match down to the wire.

    16th over: 125 for 3. Dale Steyn comes back into the attack and gives away nine in the over that includes a boundary through deep backward square leg region by Steve Smith.

    15th over: 116 for 3. Ankit Sharma is back into the attack and bowls a fantastic over at the death as he gives just six from the over.

    14th over: 110 for 3. Amit Mishra comes into the attack and Smith smashes him for a six off the third ball over wide long on. Pune picks up ten runs from the over.

    13th over: 100 for 3. Shikhar Dhawan, comes into the attack and picks up Ganguly to put Deccan Chargers on top. A well timed hit but straight to the fielder. Meanwhile, Robin Uthappa comes to the crease and is off the mark in s style with a four thanks to a reverse sweep.

    Ganguly c Cameron White b Dhawan 45(40)

    12th over: 91 for 2. Drama unfolds in the over. Clarke the man to go. After getting nine from the first three balls thanks to two boundaries - one from Ganguly and the other from Clarke, Australian perishes trying to up the ante gets a top edge and Dhawan drops an easy catch but somehow manages to get him run-out after dropping the catch.

    Michael Clarke run out (Amit Mishra/Parthiv Patel) 41(31)

    11th over: 80 for 1. Ashish Reddy comes into the attack and bowls a very good over. Restrict the batsmen to just five from it.

    10th over: 75 for 1. Mishra continues and Ganguly uses his feet and hits him for four straight down the ground and once again Clarke survives as a run-out chance goes begging. Six from the over.

    9th over: 69 for 1. Duminy continues and he puts down a tough chance down off his own bowling and hurts his finger in process. After restricting them to five off five balls, Ganguly break the shackles and hits him over the long-off for the maximum.

    8th over: 58 for 1. Amit Mishra comes into the attack and nearly picks up Ganguly with a googly after a good work by Parthiv Patel behind the stumps. Bowls a pretty neat and tidy over as he gives just four from the over.

    7th over: 54 for 1. Jean-Paul Duminy is back into the attack and hint of turn for the South African. Gives six from the over that has a close LBW shout turned down by the umpire.

    6th over: 48 for 1. Ganguly again takes the charge and smashes Dale for four off the first ball through the extra-cover. Meanwhile, Clarke at the other end his him for three boundaries in a row. First one over the square-leg and follows it with back-to-back cut shots to make it eighteen from the over.

    5th over: 31 for 1. Pratap Singh continues and bowls a neat and tight over. Gives just two from the over.

    4th over: 29 for 1. Dale Steyn comes into the attack and after bowling three dot ball, he bowls a shot one that Ganguly pulls it for four and follows it up with a trademark cover drive for another classy boundary.

    3rd over: 21 for 1. Veer Pratap Singh, comes into the attack and Clarke hits him for two boundaries and a two. First one an inside edge that goes to the fine-leg boundary and a brilliant shot through cover for his second boundary.

    2nd over: 11 for 1. Spin from both ends as Jean-Paul Duminy shares the new ball and debutant Michael Clarke hits him for four off the third ball between the long-on and midwicket boundary. Eight runs come off the over.

    1st over: 3 for 1. This is great start by Deccan Chargers. Manish Pandey falls for first-ball duck. He tries to go over the mid-on but finds Sangakkara there. Sourav Ganguly is luck to be still in the middle as Ashish Reddy drops an easy catch. Great start for Ankit Sharma.

    Manish Pandey c Sangakkara b Ankit Sharma 0(1)

    Deccan Chargers innings:

    20th over: 186 for 4. Wayne Parnell picks up Cameron White off the first ball, who tries to go for the maximum over the long-off but only manages to find Steven Smith in the deep. He bowls a tidy last over as he gives just six from the over

    Cameron White c Steven Smith b Parnell 74(45)

    19th over: 180 for 3. Ashish Nehra continues and another big over for Deccan. Great batting by Sangakkara. He hits him for four off the first ball and then follows it up with two twos and then smashes him for a six, a boundary and another six over the square-leg off the waste height no ball. But Nehra picks up Sangakkara off the last ball.

    Sangakkara b Nehra 82(52)

    18th over: 155 for 2. Sourav Ganguly is back into the attack and White is looking deadly dangerous at the moment as he hits him for three consecutive sixes, one over the deep midwicket, second and third over the deep square-leg fence. And a four leg bye of the last ball makes it 25 from the over. Seventy runs have been scored from the last five overs. Great stuff by Deccan.

    17th over: 130 for 2. Sangakkara is getting bit too cheeky at the moment and is trying to do too many things. Eight runs come from the over that includes four leg byes and rest four in singles.

    16th over: 122 for 2. Another big over for Deccan Chargers. Sangakkara hits Parnell for two back-to-back boundaries and brings up his fifty in the process. Great stuff by Deccan as they pick twelve runs from the over.

    15th over: 110 for 2. Marlon Samuels is back into the attack and Sanga hits him for four boundaries in the over. Sangakkara comes to the party and it's a huge over for the Deccan. First one he hits it over the cover boundary and the second one he makes room for himself and gets an edge that goes for four through the third man. Third one he goes straight over the bowler's head and the fourth one he sweeps it for another boundary to make it nineteen from the over.

    14th over: 91 for 2. Ashish Nehra is back into the attack and gives away six singles from the over. Pretty decent over as he gives no room to batsmen to free their arms.

    13th over: 85 for 2. Ganguly continues and another good over for the Deccan. After dealing in ones and two off the first five ball, Sangakkara plays a cheeky cut shot that goes for four at the third-man. Deccan slowly but surely are getting back into their groove.

    12th over: 75 for 2. Good over for the Deccan Chargers as White takes three twos and picks up a boundary off the fifth ball of the over through the deep midwicket. In process White and Sangakkara complete their fifty-run stand between them.

    11th over: 63 for 2. Sourav Ganguly comes into the attack and keeps it nice and tight. Gives just five from the over as he restricts batsmen down to just five singles from it.

    10th over: 58 for 2. Kartik continues and Cameron White smacks his third ball for a six over the long-off. Ten runs come from the over. White will be the key for Deccan if they have to post a decent total on board.

    9th over: 48 for 2. Ashish Nehra is back into the attack and Deccan batsmen pick up six singles from the over.

    8th over: 42 for 2. Murali Kartik, comes into the attack and keeps it nice and tight off the first five balls, but bowls a loose sixth ball that Sangakkar hits for a four through the square-leg region.

    7th over: 36 for 2. Bhuvneshwar continues and gives away just three from the over. Excellent bowling by him. White and Sangakkara are in the middle for Deccan Chargers.

    6th over: 33 for 2. Wayne Parnell is back into the attack and gives away seven from the over the has catch dropped by the keeper that goes for four to the fine-leg.

    5th over: 26 for 2. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, comes into the attack and picks up Dhawan. Excellent stuff by the bowler. Dhawan looks to heave it towards the onside, misses and the bowler knock off his middle stump.

    Dhawan b Bhuvneshwar 13(18)

    4th over: 21 for 1. Ashish Nehra comes back into the attack and White smashes him through the cover for a boundary off the second ball. Deccan pick up seven from the over.

    3rd over: 14 for 1. Finally Dhawan gets into his groove and picks up two boundaries off Samuel's second over. One an outside edge that flies to the third man boundary and a second a fabulous cover drive for four.

    2nd over: 4 for 1. Wayne Parnell comes into the attack and bowls an excellent over -- a maiden. This is the fourteenth maiden of IPL 5. Great start by Pune bowlers.

    1st over: 4 for 1. Great start by Pune Warriors India. Marlon Samuels picks up Parthiv Patel off the first ball of the match. Parthiv Patel gets onto the front foot and tries to drive but gets an inside edge onto his stumps. Dhawan and Cameron White are in the middle now.

    Parthiv Patel b Marlon Samuels 0(1)

    3.30p.m. Deccan Chargers skipper Kumar Sangakkara wins the toss and elects to bat in the 42nd match of the Indian Premier League against Pune Warriors India on Tuesday.

    Michael Clarke comes into the playing eleven for Pune Warriros India while Sangakkara comes in for Christain for Deccan Chargers.

    3.15p.m. Hello and welcome to the 42nd match of IPL season five between Deccan Chargers and Pune Warriors India at the Barabati Stadium in Cuttack. After being thrashed by Mumbai Indians, Deccan Chargers are up against a team that has been the source of their only win in this edition so far.

    And with an added advantage of facing them in their own backyard this time, Deccan would want to keep their hopes of qualification in the play-offs alive when they face the Sourav Ganguly-led Pune Warriors India.