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    IPL 5, Match 52: as it happened

    Shane Watson scored an unbeaten 90 as Rajasthan registered an impressive win over Sourav Ganguly\'s Pune Warriors India.

    Rajasthan Royals innings:

    Shane Watson (90 not out) leads Rajasthan to another great victory. They overhauled Pune's 125 with seven wickets in hand. This win will definitely help Rajasthan's net run-rate. Another poor performance by Pune. That's it with our live updates. Our full match report will be up shortly.

    17th over: 126 for 3: Win for Rajasthan. Watson finishes things off with a four. Steven Smith, who finally gets the ball in this IPL, drops one short and Watson pulls it towards long-on where the fielder hardly get time to stop the powerful hit. A comprehensive victory for the visitors.

    16th over: 121 for 3 Watson wants to finish things in a hurry now. Shah and he take nine runs off Clarke's second over. Great stuff by the Australian.

    15th over: 112 for 3 Kartik, who has already been hit for three sixes by Watson, comes on to bowl his third over. And he does a fairly good job, till he bowls a loose last delivery, which is dispatched for a boundary over extra cover by Watson. He is lucky this time as only a four is hit and not a six.

    14th over: 106 for 3 Michael Clarke gets the ball and he delivers a wicket immediately. Menaria, in an attempt to clear the midwicket fence, holes out to Manhas. But he has done his work of staying with Watson very well.

    A Menaria c Manhas b Clarke 18 (21)

    13th over: 103 for 2 31 are required off the last eight overs now. The fifty partnership between Watson and Menaria also comes up off just 41 balls. Four singles and a pull for four over the midwicket fielder by Watson in Kumar's third over.

    12th over: 95 for 2 Mathews into his third over and gives away singles off each delivery. Not even a miracle can help Pune now.

    11th over: 89 for 2 Just 47 are required now off the last 10 overs. Kartik comes on to bowl. After four runs off the first five balls, Watson ends the over with another pulled six over the straight fence.

    10th over: 79 for 2 Rajasthan are cruising now. Thanks to Watson who has done exceptionally well since he joined the team. Meanwhile, runs have come in singles in this over by Mathews. Six singles take Rajasthan's score to 79 for 2.

    9th over: 73 for 2 Nehra bowls his third over. After a dot off the first, Nehra sends one down to Watson's legs who gets a faint touch and the ball rolls away to the fine-leg boundary. Two more singles and a cracking cut past the point fielder for another four. He brings up his fifty with a pull for six over the backward square-leg fence. He has just taken 27 deliveries to reach the landmark.

    8th over: 57 for 2 Mathews gets the ball and gives away just three runs. Menaria is taking his time to get his eye in. He needs to give the strike back to Watson more regularly.

    7th over: 54 for 2 Nehra into his second over. The medium pacer has been hit for plenty in his first over, but he makes a good comeback, gives away just five runs in this over. Just a single by Watson and an unintentional four by Ashok Menaria, who has replaced Dravid.

    6th over: 49 for 2 Parnell returns for his second over. After three singles off the first three balls, Watson steers the fourth through deep square-leg for a boundary. A single, and then the wicket of Dravid, who is completely fooled by a slower delivery and gives the simplest of catches to Clarke at short cover.

    R Dravid c Clarke b Parnell 14 (16)

    5th over: 41 for 1 Ashish Nehra comes on to bowl. The first ball is a dot, and then Dravid flicks the second for four. A single follows, and then Watson pulls it powerfully for another boundary. Two more runs to end the over. Another big over for Rajasthan. Twelve runs have come off it.

    4th over: 29 for 1 After 16 off the previous over, another eight have come from Kumar's second over. Watson drives one powerfully down the ground for a boundary, two singles and a couple.

    3rd over: 21 for 1 Watson shows his prowess now. The Australian pulls Murali Kartik for a six off the second, a dot ball and then a four past the backward point fielder. He finishes the over with another six, but has his heart in his mouth when Smith, who has already taken a spectacular catch, attempts thrice to keep the ball in the play but can't hold onto it.

    2nd over: 5 for 1 Bhuvneshwar Kumar gets the ball and strikes immediately. Smith takes a blinder at short point to send the in-form Rahane back. Is there something on the wicket or both teams have played badly so far? We'll come to know about it after a few overs. Meanwhile, Shane Watson replaces Rahane and gets off the mark on the first ball he faced. But Dravid plays out two dot balls to end a successful over.

    A Rahane c Smith b Kumar 0 (3)

    1st over: 4 for 0 Rahul Dravid takes the strike, while Ajinkya Rahane at the non-striker's end. Wayne Parnell starts the proceedings for Pune. Dravid gets a fine tickle off his bat and the ball races away to the boundary for four. Four dot balls follow. A good start by Parnell.

    Pune Warriors India innings:

    20th over: 125 for 6 Tait bowls the last over. After missing an attempted scoop off the first, Mithun's off-stump was knocked out of the ground off the second. Tait ran to catch a mistimed pull by Wayne Parnell, but the ball fell just short of him. A dot and two singles to finish things off.

    M Manhas b Tait 10 (9)

    19th over: 122 for 5 Rajasthan are still keeping things very tight. None of their bowlers have given the Pune batsmen any leeway at any point of their innings. Despite a four to the point boundary by Mithun Manhas, just eight runs from Watson's last over. His spell reads 0 for 28.

    18th over: 113 for 5 A terrible start to the over. Mathews gets run-out after a mix-up with Smith. The Sri Lankan was found short of his crease when a throw by Owais Shah hit the stumps. Just seven runs from this over of Trivedi.

    A Mathews run out 11 (12)

    17th over: 106 for 4 Watson comes on to bowl his third over. Mathews works the ball through midwicket for a couple and then takes a single in the same region off the next. A wide down the leg side follows. A single towards backward point by Smith. A dot and a single to end the over. Pune are still going very slow.

    16th over: 99 for 4 A brilliant shot through the covers for four by Smith starts Botha's last over. But two dot balls follow. A single off the fourth and a couple off a misfield off the fifth. A single to finish Botha's spell, which reads 1 for 25.

    15th over: 91 for 4 Binny bowls another magnificent over. Only four runs off it. Pune are struggling. Except the blitz by Majumdar, none of the other batsmen have found their timings right.

    14th over: 87 for 4 Botha bowls his third over. Smith takes a single off the second. Mathew, who has replaced Uthappa, too gets off the mark on the first ball. Two more singles and an unsuccessful appeal for an lbw against Smith to end the over.

    13th over: 83 for 4 Tait is bowling quick. Uthappa tries to hoick a length delivery which he has no clue about. A couple of runs off the next, a leg-bye and a single follow. Uthappa thinks enough is enough and nicks a full-length outside off delivery back to the keeper.

    R Uthappa c Yagnik b Tait 13 (19)

    12th over: 79 for 3 Botha returns and strikes with the wicket of dangerous looking Majumdar. After hitting a four over extra cover, the batsman yorked himself off the next ball. That brings in the in-form Steven Smith at the crease who takes a single off the second ball he faced.

    A Majumdar b Botha 30 (20)

    11th over: A big over that Pune desperately wanted finally comes. Majumdar, playing his first IPL game, hits two sixes off Chavan. Both sail over deep midwicket.

    10th over: 56 for 2 Trivedi continues for Rajasthan. Pune are reeling under pressure. They are scoring in singles at the moment. They need to start swinging now. Six singles from this over.

    9th over: 50 for 2 Binny continues. After singles off the first two balls by Uthappa and Majumdar, there is a dot ball. Uthappa takes a couple off the fourth, and a single and a dot to end the over. Meanwhile, Pune complete their fifty in this over as well.

    8th over: 45 for 0 Dravid brings Siddharth Trivedi into the attack, who bowls a good first over. His change of pace is already troubling the batsmen - Uthappa and Anustup Majumdar. Seven runs have come off it.

    7th over: 38 for 2 What a start for Stuart Binny. He gets Clarke lbw on the first delivery he bowled today. There is also a close shout against Robin Uthappa but the batsman manages to find a nick. So just three runs and the big wicket of Clarke. Rajasthan in command.

    M Clarke lbw b Binny 16 (18)

    6th over:35 for 1 Ganguly is out. The Pune Warrior skipper's misery at the crease ended when his miscued hook landed into the hands of Chavan, who took a good catch while running back. Another good over for Rajasthan. Tait, in his second over, has taken a wicket now and has given just seven runs in the bargain.

    S Ganguly c Chavan b Tait 14 (18)

    5th over: 28 for 0 Watson continues. Good stuff by the Australian allrounder, who gives away just six runs in his second over, and there is also a missed chance when Ganguly top edges a bouncer from Watson to fine-leg where Tait couldn't hold onto a tough chance.

    4th over: 22 for 0 Johan Botha has come on to bowl now. After a dot and a single off the first two balls, Ganguly makes room and cuts the offspinner for a boundary. He is very close to hand a catch to backward point, but the ball drops between the point and short third-man, and the batsman takes two. Two dots to end the over.

    3rd over: 15 for 0 Watson is asked to bowl the third over. Ganguly flashes hard outside off stump off the first ball, and then manages to find an inside edge for a couple off the next. A single follows, and then Watson bowls one on Clarke's legs who glances it for a boundary. The fifth one is a dot, while he finishes the over with a single.

    2nd over: 7 for 0 The fiery Shaun Tait has come on to bowl. Ganguly, who seems keen for a single, is sent back by Clarke off the first. A run off the next follows, and then Clarke plays out five dot balls. So a good start by Rajasthan bowlers. They haven't given any freebies so far to the Pune batsmen.

    1st over: 6 for 0 Ankeet Chavan gets the ball and Sourav Ganguly is on strike. Has Dravid taken a risk by employing Chavan against Ganguly, who is a good player of left-arm spin? He gets off the mark on the first delivery. Michael Clarke too gets going on the first delivery he faced. The third is a dot, while the fourth is a wide down the leg side. A leg-bye and two more singles to finish the first over.

    3:30 p.m. Pune Warriors India skipper Sourav Ganguly won the toss and elected to bat first against Rajasthan Royals in Pune on Tuesday.

    Both the teams have made one change each. Ashish Nehra replaces injured Ashok Dinda in the Pune XI, while Owais Shah comes in for injured Brad Hodge for Rajasthan.


    Pune Warriors: Robin Uthappa (wk), Michael Clarke, Steven Smith, Sourav Ganguly (capt), Angelo Mathews, Mithun Manhas, Anustup Majumdar, Wayne Parnell, Murali Kartik, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ashish Nehra

    Rajasthan Royals: Rahul Dravid (capt), Ajinkya Rahane, Shane Watson, Owais Shah, Ashok Menaria, Johan Botha, Stuart Binny, Dishant Yagnik (wk), Ankeet Chavan, Siddharth Trivedi, Shaun Tait

    3:20 p.m. Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the IPL 5 game between Pune Warriors India and Rajasthan Royals. It is also a match which will see two of the greatest Indian cricketers play against each other. While Sourav Ganguly is leading Pune, Rahul Dravid is captaining Rajasthan.

    With five wins in 11 matches, Rajasthan are still very much in content_cnion to reach the last four. But winning here will be all on Dravid's mind as a loss here will make things extremely difficult for them. Pune are almost out of the race for the playoffs. They have played one more game than Rajasthan but have won a game less than their opposition.