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    IPL 5, Match 7: As it happened

    Kevon Cooper picked up 3for 28 after Brad Hodge scored a quick 44 (29) to set up Rajasthan Royals\' 22-run win over Kolkata Knight Riders.

    Kolkata Knight Riders Innings

    20th over: Kolkata 142 for 10. it's all over for Kolkata. Manoj Tiwary perishes trying to hit Botha for a six. He dances down the track and misses the ball completely. Rajasthan Royals beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 22 runs.

    Manoj Tiwary b Johan Botha 59(49)

    19th over: Kolkata 134 for 9. Sensational stuff by Kevon Cooper. He clean bowled Brett Lee and Narine with back-to-back deliveries to help Rajastan close in on a well-deserved win.

    Brett Lee b Kevon Cooper 25(11)

    Narine b Kevon Cooper 0(1)

    18th over: Kolkata 131 for 7. Brett Lee is keeping KKR in the hunt. He hits a cracking boundary through covers and follows it with two huge sixes. Nineteen runs comes of Amit Singh's last over.

    17th over: Kolkata 112 for 7. A bit of luck for Tiwary as a top edge gives him a boundary off the first ball off Cooper. This is followed by a two and a single. Meanwhile, Lee also gets a boundary. Good over for Kolkata as 14 runs comes of the over.

    16th over: Kolkata 98 for 7. Rajasthan bowlers are using the conditions beautifully. Amit Singh bowls at a good line and length. He is sticking to the basics and giving no room to the batsmen.

    15th over: Kolkata 94 for 7. Another wicket down as Laxmi Shukla is caught in the deep trying to up the ante. After hitting him for a six off the first ball of the over, he tried the same on the fourth ball, but finds Shah at long-off boundary.

    Shukla c Owais Shah b Chavan 8(8)

    14th over: Kolkata 86 for 6. Botha keeps it tight except the last ball, that was well played by Tiwary, as he makes room and hits it over the cover region for the boundary.

    13th over: Kolkata 77 for 6. Another one goes! It looks an impossible task from here for them. Bhatia is the man to go as a leading edge falls straight in the hands of the bowler Trivedi. It's a wicket maiden for the bowler.

    Bhatia c and b Trivedi 8(8)

    12th over: Kolkata 77 for 5. Neat and tidy over bu Johan Botha this time. He keeps the batsmen down to just ones. Asking rate is climbing with every dot ball

    11th over: Kolkata 73 for 5. Big wicket for Rajasthan Royals. Yusuf Pathan tries to hit it for a maximum but only manged to find Hodge in the deep. It is brilliantly held by the Australian. Surely no way back for Kolkata from here.

    Yusuf Pathan c Hodge b Trivedi 15(14)

    10th over: Kolkata 65 for 4. Yusuf Pathan takes the charge this time around. He welcomes Johan Botha with a huge six over the long on region. Meanwhile Manoj Tiwary picks up two twos and a single. Thirteen runs are scored in the over.

    9th over: Kolkata 52 for 4. Good over for Kolkata. Two back-to-back cheeky shots down the third man region result in boundaries. Tiwary is taking the attack to the opposition.

    8th over: Kolkata 42 for 4. A welcome boundary for the Knight Riders, Manoj Tiwary guides the ball down the third man region for a four. Still a pretty decent over by Cooper.

    7th over: Kolkata 34 for 4. Siddharth Trivedi into the attack and bowls a good over, keeping batsmen to just ones and twos. Yusuf Pathan and Manoj Tiwary are in the middle for KKR.

    6th over: Kolkata 27 for 4. Kolkata are in deep trouble. Dravid gives the ball to Kevon Cooper, who cleans up Das with a well-disguised off cutter. Das tries to drag it from outside off, gets a thick inside edge and the ball goes back to hit the middle stump.

    Deba Das b Kevon Cooper 12(14)

    5th over: Kolkata 23 for 3. Finally a good over for Kolkata. Debabrata Das hits Chavan for a huge six off the fifth ball of the over. Manoj Tiwary on the other end appreciates Das.

    4th over: Kolkata 13 for 3. Another neat over by Amit Singh. He is keeping it tidy and Kolkata batsmen are under pressure and struggling to score runs.

    3rd over: Kolkata 10 for 3. Excellent stuff by Rajasthan Royals. This time Chavan sends back dangerous McCullum. McCullum goes deep into his crease and the ball skids on to him and he's caught right in front of the stumps.

    Brendon McCullum lbw b Chavan 2(4)

    2nd over: Kolkata 8 for 2. Pacer Amit Singh sends back Jacques Kallis and Gautam Gambhir in two successive balls. This is brilliant stuff by Rajasthan Royals. Kallis was the first man to go as he looks to go over mid-off but gives a simple catch to Dravid. On the very next ball, Gambhir pokes at a delivery outside off stump and is caught behind.

    Kallis c Dravid b Amit Singh 5(8)

    Gambhir c Goswami b Amit Singh 0(1)

    1st over: Kolkata 4 for 0. Left-arm spinner Ankeet Chavan starts the proceedings for Rajasthan and he bowls a pretty tidy over. Good thinking by Dravid to start with the spinner. Kallis and McCullum open the batting for KKR.

    Rajasthan Royals Innings

    20th over: Rajasthan 164 for 5. Iqbal Abdulla bowls a decent last over as he does not give away any boundary. Royals managed only eight runs from the last over.

    19th over: Rajasthan 156 for 5. It's Happy Hours now! Shah has gone berserk. Hits Lee for a six and a boundary from the first two balls, and takes a single from the third. Meanwhile, Menaria has been clean bowled by Lee for 40.

    Menaria b Brett Lee 40(30)

    18th over: Rajasthan 141 for 4. Menaria and Shah can make the difference for Rajasthan. Two boundaries by Menaria and a four from Shah have put Rajasthan in a commanding position. Kallis gives away 14 in the over.

    17th over: Rajasthan 127 for 4. Hodge misses a fifty! Hodge scores an 44 from just 29 balls before perishing to Brett Lee. It's a silly shot to get out on. Hodge tries to play a reverse scoop, the ball hits his bat and then his pad and loops into the air straight to the keeper.

    Hodge c Brendon McCullum b Brett Lee 44(29)

    16th over: Rajasthan 125 for 3. Last ball spoils an otherwise good over by Narine. After keeping the batsmen down to just ones and twos on the five balls, he delivers a lose one on Menaria's pad and he acknowledges with a boundary between deep mid wicket and long-on.

    15th over: Rajasthan 116 for 3. There is no stopping Hodge. A smacking four through the square-leg region, followed by a spectacular shot over mid-on makes it eleven from the over.

    14th over: Rajasthan 105 for 3. This is a big over for Rajasthan and has definitely brought the momentum back to the innings. Hodge hits the first one for six over deep mid wicket fence and follows it with a boundary and a dot ball and hitting the fifth one out of the park over the long on and keeping the strike with him by taking a single off the last.

    13th over: Rajasthan 88 for 3. Hodge and Menaria are dealing in singles at the moment. Bhatia is trying every variation to keep the batsmen down to just ones and twos. Another seven runs from the over.

    12th over: Rajasthan 81 for 3. Menaria and Hodge is not able to read Narine. The bowlers is keeping it nice and tight. Just seven from the over. Ones and twos won't worry Gambhir and co.

    11th over: Rajasthan 74 for 3. Menaria whips the second ball of Bhatia's for a four through deep square leg, and follows it up with two singles from the last four deliveries

    10th over: Rajasthan 68 for 3. Sunil Narine is back into the attack and the debutant is keeping things tight. The batsmen are not able to cut loose. Brad Hodge picks up two from the first two balls, but a dot and a single follow. Meanwhile, Menaria also picks a single from the last ball after getting no runs of the fifth.

    9th over: Rajasthan 62 for 3. Kolkata Knight Riders get another one. Dangerous looking Goswami is clean bowled by Rajat Bhatia. It was a silly shot by the batsman, as makes room and tries to drive it through the covers, and completely misses it.

    Goswami b Bhatia 23(18)

    8th over: Rajasthan 57 for 2. Ashok Menaria comes in the middle and makes his intentions clear from the word go. After five singles from the first five balls, Menaria hits Yusuf Pathan for a huge six. Menaria goes downtown with that shot, picks it well and deposits over the long-on fence for the maximum.

    7th over: Rajasthan 46 for 2. Finally a breakthrough for Kolkata Knight Riders. Another run-out, this time Rahul Dravid takes the long way back to the pavilion. Goswami hits the third ball for a four, which is followed by a run-out off the fourth.

    Dravid run out (Iqbal Abdulla/Bhatia) 26(24)

    6th over: Rajasthan 37 for 1. Gambhir hands over the ball to Iqbal Abdulla. There is no holding back Dravid at the moment as the right-hander goes on the charge, and hits another classy shot between the extra cover and mid-off. Rajasthan get eight from the over.

    5th over: Rajasthan 29 for 1. Dravid is leading Rajasthan from the front. He hits another one for the maximum. Sunil Naraine is given the ball and Dravid unsettles the debutant, after bowling four dot balls, Dravid unleashes his fury on the spinner and hits him for the maximum over fine leg region.

    4th over: Rajasthan 22 for 1. Kallis bowls the first one down the leg side for a wide and follows it up with two dot balls. Third one produces a single and Dravid hits the fourth one for four. He looks in fine touch. This time a classy cover drive, the ball splits extra cover and mid off. It's textbook stuff by Dravid.

    3rd over: Rajasthan 15 for 1. A good over from Rajasthan's point of view. Dravid hits the second ball for the maximum, over the fine leg fence and he smashed the fifth delivery to the fence between the cover and point region.

    2nd over: Rajasthan 4 for 1. Rahane departs! Brilliant piece of fielding by Gambhir gets rid off dangerous Rahane. Dravid went for a quick single, Rahane was a bit late to react and Gambhir direct hit at the striker's end leads to his dismissal. Kallis shares the new ball with Lee and a good first over by him as well. Just three runs and a wicket comes from the over.

    Rahane run out (Gambhir) 0(4)

    1st over: Rajasthan 1 for 0. Great first over by Brett Lee. He troubles Rahul Dravid and Ajinkya Rahane with his pacy out swingers. There is a hint of swing and it's an impressive start by Lee.

    3.30 p.m. Kolkata Knight Riders' skipper Gautam Gambhir won the toss and elected to bowl first against Rajasthan Royals in the seventh match of the Indian Premier League season five on Sunday at Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur.

    Kolkata have made one change to their team, Sunil Narine makes his IPL debut as he replaces Marchant de Lange. On the other hand, Rajasthan will play the same side that won against Punjab.


    Kolkata (Playing XI): Brendon McCullum(w), Jacques Kallis, Gautam Gambhir(c), Manoj Tiwary, Yusuf Pathan, Debabrata Das, Laxmi Shukla, Rajat Bhatia, Brett Lee, Sunil Narine, Iqbal Abdulla

    Rajasthan (Playing XI): Rahul Dravid(c), Ajinkya Rahane, Ashok Menaria, Brad Hodge, Owais Shah, Kevon Cooper, Ankeet Chavan, Shreevats Goswami(w), Johan Botha, Amit Singh, Siddharth Trivedi

    3.20 p.m. Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the seventh match of IPL season five between Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur. Kolkata did not get their campaign off to a auspicious start by ending on the losing side against Delhi Daredevils by eight wickets in the rain curtailed match.

    On the other hand Rajasthan - champions of the inaugural edition of the tournament in 2008 - will be aiming for their second win on the trot after defeating Kings XI Punjab in their opening match. Ajinkya Rahane scored a magnificent 98 that helped Rajasthan beat Punjab by 31 runs.