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    IPL 5, Match 18: as it happened

    Sidharth Trivedi got 4 wickets as Rajasthan Royals bowled out hosts Bangalore for just 136 runs.

    Royal Challengers Bangalore innings:

    20th over: 136 all out. It's all over as Rajasthan Royals beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 59 runs. Last one to go is Muralitharan who is caught by Rahane towards cover.

    Muralitharan c Rahane b Amit Singh 6(8)

    19th over: 127 for 9. Pankaj Singh finishes with the figures of 2 for 18 in his four overs. Absolutely terrific performance by RR bowlers.

    18th over: 121 for 9. It's almost over as Brad Hogg sends back Zaheer Khan. Zaheer tries to give it a good whack towards the on side but he fails to get under it and finds Rahane at mid-wicket.

    Zaheer c Rahane b Brad Hogg 0(3)

    17th over: 120 for 8. Amit Singh is back into the attack and picks up eight RCB wicket to send back Vinay Kumar. Kumar comes down the track and tries to heave it away to the on side but misses it completely.

    Vinay Kumar b Amit Singh 11(9)

    16th over: 108 for 7. Another one goes as Johan Botha picks up Kaif. Kaif tries to go for the big hit but miscues it and finds Hodge at long on.

    Kaif c Hodge b Johan Botha 14(16)

    15th over: 105 for 6. Trivedi picks up his third and fourth one as he knocks over Saurabh Tiwary and Daniel Vettori this time. Tiwary perishes trying to slog across the line and misses the ball completely to be clean bowled. Vettori on the other hand gives the charge and misses it completely as well.

    Saurabh Tiwary b Trivedi 17(16)

    Vettori b Trivedi 1(2)

    14th over: 101 for 4. Mohammad Kaif hits the last ball of the Brad Hogg's for a four towards deep midwicket boundary to make it nine from the over. They want plenty of those to make a match of it.

    13th over: 92 for 4. Finally Saurabh Tiwary smashes one over deep midwicket boundary for a huge six. This is the first boundary after six overs. But the bowler comes back well and gives just three from the last four ball. RCB need plenty of big hits to pull this one off.

    12th over: 82 for 4. Johan Botha is back into the attack and bowls an excellent over. Just three from it as he gives batsmen no chance to free their arms. Saurabh Tiwary and Mohammad Kaif are in the middle for RCB.

    11th over: 79 for 4. No way back from here now for sure. Kohli is the man to go this time. Trivedi has taken a big wicket here. Kohli tries to drive it through the leg side but is caught in his crease and the ball goes through to crash into the stumps.

    Virat Kohli b Trivedi 22(18)

    10th over: 76 for 3. Brad Hogg continues and bowls another good over. This is getting almost impossible for the RCB now. Kohli special can only win this from them now. Just five from the over.

    9th over: 71 for 3. Siddharth Trivedi, comes into the attack and he picks up a big one. de Villiers is clean bowled as he fails to pick up a slower one. The ball took the inside edge and crashes it on the stumps. However, Saurabh Tiwary, left handed bat, comes to the crease.

    de Villiers b Trivedi 6(9)

    8th over: 63 for 2. Brad Hogg, left-arm chinaman, comes into the attack and the veteran bowls an excellent first over. Gives away just four singles and puts more pressure on the opposition.

    7th over: 59 for 2. Pankaj Singh bowls a neat and tidy over as he keeps the batting team down to just five runs from this over. Pressure is getting on to the batting team with every dot ball.

    6th over: 54 for 2. Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers are in the middle and Kohli starts in a fine fashion hitting Amit Singh for two boundaries in an over. First one away to the midwicket boundary and second one a cut through backward point.

    5th over: 42 for 2. Pankaj Singh is back into the attack and picks up dangerous looking Agarwal and Chris Gayle in consecutive deliveries. This is great stuff by Rajasthan. Agarwal is the first one to go as he slices the ball straight to extra cover and Gayle departs in the very next ball after an inside edge disturbs the timber.

    Agarwal c Owais Shah b Pankaj Singh 34(21)

    Gayle b Pankaj Singh 8(9)

    4th over: 38 for 0. Amit Singh, comes into the attack and Gayle hits his second ball out of the park over long on fence and gets a life in the next ball as Rahul Dravid puts a difficult chance down. Ten from the over

    3rd over: 28 for 0. Agarwal sends another one into the crowd over the deep mid wicket boundary and follows it up with a four straight over the bowlers head and then smashes another one for a six over the long on boundary to make to 17 from the over.

    2nd over: 11 for 0. Pankaj Singh, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack and Agarwal treats him with a boundary through cover but the bowler recovers well and only gives four from the over.

    1st over: 7 for 0. Agarwal and Gayle are at the crease. Johan Botha opens the attack for RR and a great start to RCB's innings as Agarwal hits the first ball for a six over backward square leg. However the bowler comes back well giving one from the rest of over.

    Rajasthan Royals innings:

    20th over: 195 for 2. That's a brilliant hundred by Rahane. He brings up in a fine style hitting the bowler for a four towards long on. This is the first century of IPL 5. Rahane remains not out on 103.

    19th over: 184 for 2. Finally a wicket for RCB and Zaheer Khan. Owais Shah the man to go, he goes for the maximum and only manages to find Vinay Kumar at the long on.

    18th over: 175 for 1. This is outstanding stuff by Shah and Rahane. RCB are getting hammering of the life time. Two boundaries and a six comes from this offer as well. Rahane moves into 90s.

    17th over: 158 for 1. This is Happy Hours! Tighten your seat belts. Incredible batting by Shah and Rahane. Three huge sixes and a boundary comes from the over. Rahane hits the one over deep midwicket boundary and Shah hits back-to-back sixes straight over the bowlers head. Poor bowling by Vinay Kumar. Shah brings up his fifty in process.

    16th over: 134 for 1. Chris Gayle, right-arm offbreak, comes into the attack and Shah welcomes him with a huge six over the wide long on boundary and follows it up with another six over the midwicket region from the fourth ball and a boundary off the last ball.

    15th over: 113 for 1. Owais Shah makes it seven fours from seven balls for Rajasthan but Vettori comes back very well and only concedes seven from the over.

    14th over: 106 for 1. Rahane has gone berserk. This is magical stuff by Rahane as he hits Aravind for six fours in an over and brings up fifty in the process. He hits the bowler at every part of the ground.

    13th over: 82 for 1. Vinay Kumar is back into the attack and after conceding just one from four balls, Shah finally gets another six. It's short on the middle stump, Owais Shah looks to pull, gets a top edge which clears the fine leg boundary.

    12th over: 75 for 1. Rahane cuts loose this time as he skips down the track to Murali and hits him for a huge six over the long on fence. Meanwhile, the bowler comes back and restricts RR batsmen to just three from remaining five deliveries.

    11th over: 66 for 1. Finally a wicket for Royal Challengers Bangalore as skipper scalps skipper. Dravid comes down the track and AB de Villiers stumps him off the bowling of Daniel Vettori. Another good for the RCB.

    Dravid st de Villiers b Vettori 25(32)

    10th over: 61 for 0. Muttiah Muralitharan bowls another economical over. Great stuff by the Sri Lankan legend. He keeps the batsmen down to just four singles.

    9th over: 57 for 0. Daniel Vettori continues and his batsmen are finding it difficult to pick the spinners. Another good over as just five runs comes of it.

    8th over: 52 for 0. Spin from both the ends as Muttiah Muralitharan, right-arm off break, comes into the attack. He bowls a good over and he keeps the batsmen down to just three singles and a two from the over.

    7th over: 47 for 0. Daniel Vettori, left-arm orthodox, comes into the attack and bowls a good over. He gives away just away four runs from his first over.

    6th over: 43 for 0. Vinay Kumar, right-arm medium, comes into the attack and Dravid hits him for a four through the gap in the cover region for a boundary off the second ball. Meanwhile, the duo picks up five singles in the rest of the over.

    5th over: 34 for 0. Otherwise a very good over apart from a leading edge by Rahane that went all the way for a six over the fine leg boundary. Rajasthan picks up eight from the over.

    4th over: 26 for 0. First boundary for Dravid as he pulls Arvind's short ball over the short fine leg fielder for four. Meanwhile, Rahane is looking dangerous as he dances down to pitch for a huge six over the long on boundary for a six and follows it up with a boundary down to the deep midwicket boundary. He is on roll at the moment.

    3rd over: 11 for 0. Maiden over by Zaheer Khan. Zaheer is bowling brilliantly at the moment and is pitching the ball at perfect line and length and Rahane finds him difficult to hit.

    2nd over: 11 for 0. Ajinkya Rahane is off the mark in style as he hits Sreenath Aravind for a four off the first ball through the point region and smacks the fourth one for another boundary to deep backward point.

    1st over: 2 for 0. Dravid and Rahane are at the crease for Rajasthan whereas Zaheer Khan starts the proceedings for Bangalore. The left-arm pacer bowls a nice and tidy over first up. Hint of swing early on for Zaheer.

    7.30 p.m. Rajasthan Royals skipper Rahul Dravid wins the toss and elects to bat in the match 18th of the Indian Premier League season five against Royal Challengers Bangalore on Sunday.

    Rajasthan have made one change to their playing eleven as Pankaj Singh comes in for Ankeet Chavan. On the other hand Sreenath Arvind and Mohammad Kaif come in for Bangalore.


    Royal Challengers Bangalore (Playing XI): Mayank Agarwal, Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers(w), Saurabh Tiwary, Mohammad Kaif, Daniel Vettori(c), Vinay Kumar, Zaheer Khan, Sreenath Aravind, Muttiah Muralitharan

    Rajasthan Royals (Playing XI): Rahul Dravid(c), Ajinkya Rahane, Ashok Menaria, Shreevats Goswami(w), Owais Shah, Brad Hodge, Johan Botha, Brad Hogg, Pankaj Singh, Amit Singh, Siddharth Trivedi

    7.15 p.m. Welcome to the match number 18 of the Indian Premier League season five and this one is between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Rajasthan Royals. After losing back-to-back matches in their previous encounters, both Royal Challengers Bangalore and Rajasthan Royals will be looking to bring their campaign back on track.

    Rajasthan are fifth in the table right now, with two wins from four matches, while Bangalore lie seventh with one win and two losses.