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    'Not seeking leninency for tainted trio'

    New Delhi: Pakistan Cricket Board chief Ijaz Butt on Thursday said he was not in town to seek leniency from ICC president Sharad Pawar for the cricketers allegedly involved in spot-fixing and said that the three players will be punished.

    "No demand has been made for leniency for players. As far as we are concerned, no tolerance at all. The investigations have to be completed before we say anything about fixing," he told reporters.

    Butt also rubbished suggestion of an 'Indian conspiracy' against the players and said, 'I don't belive in conspiracies" and added that he was in fact in town to congratulate Pawar on his appointment as the ICC president.

    Pawar, on being asked about the match-fixing saga, said, "Scotland Yard is in the process of inquiring. We are waiting for the report to come and the investigations to get complete.

    "Butt is also a part of ICC. The decisions are policy decisions. We don't tolerate anything wrong done in cricket."

    The PCB chief also didn't rule out resumption of cricketing ties between India and Pakistan. "I have requested Mr Pawar for India to have a match with Pakistan soon," said Butt

    "If the Pakistan players get the opportunity to play more, we will be more than happy," responded Pawar to Butt's request.

    Meanwhile, the tainted trio - Salman Butt, Mohhamad Amir and Mohammad Asif - involved in the spot-fixing case has returned to Pakistan while a fourth one, Wahab Riaz, was questioned by the Scotland Yard on Tuesday.