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    Modi proved he's not hiding: Lawyer

    \"Public appearance of Lalit Modi has only vindicated my stated position that Modi has nothing to hide,\" said Mehmood Abdi.

    Mumbai: Lalit Modi's public appearance in London is a proof that the former IPL chairman has nothing to hide from any investigating agency, his lawyer Mehmood Abdi said on Thursday.

    "The public appearance of Lalit Modi has only vindicated my stated position that Modi has nothing to hide and his studied silence should not be misconstrued as hiding," Abdi told PTI here on Thursday.

    "Public appearance of Modi is, of course, a Diwali gift to his fans and well-wishers," he added.

    Abdi said that since as per the qualified security advisory to Modi - concerning the threat perception to his life - has not altered as such, he is unlikely to return to India in the near future.

    However, Modi, who is facing investigation from multiple government agencies for alleged financial irregularities in the Indian Premier League, has been cooperating with the BCCI and other investigating agencies and has supplied every information that has been asked from him by the ED and other authorities, the lawyer said.

    "The Enforcement Directorate should come out of the technical rigmarole and instead of insisting on personal appearance of Lalit Modi before the authorities in India, should now exercise the other legal options available to them for questioning Modi and find out the truth about the allegations," he said.

    Under section 131 of the Income Tax Act, the appropriate authority is empowered to issue commission and send across authorised representative to UK for questioning Modi.

    Alternatively, Modi can also be questioned through video-conferencing, the medium BCCI has opted for his disciplinary proceedings, Abdi added.

    Modi, who has been under investigation by various government agencies in India following allegations of irregularities in the IPL including money laundering, made his first public appearance ever since being served with a 'Blue Corner' notice by the ED.

    Modi has been invited here to address the prestigious International Sports Event Management (ISEM) Conference at Twickenham. He will be sharing the dais with some high-profile sports administrators, including the CEOs of 2012 London Olympic Games and the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

    Modi will reflect on the success of the IPL and the future of sports in India. He will also take part in a question and answer session and is also expected to discuss the Delhi Commonwealth Games and its impact.