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    N Srinivasan opts out of ICC meeting in London

    New Delhi: BCCI president N Srinivasan has finally laid to rest all speculation and conjecture surrounding his attending the ICC Annual Conference by choosing not to go for the world body's high-profile annual conclave in London later this week. Sources close to the development have told CNN-IBN that Srinivasan decided against going for the conference to avoid more controversy, as he had stepped aside from the duties of BCCI president earlier in June.

    CNN-IBN has learnt that though Srinivasan could have easily attended the sub-committee meetings that will be held on the sidelines of the ICC conclave, he decided against it saying it would be inappropriate of him to do so, considering the recent spate of criticism he has faced in the Indian and international media, most notably after the spot-fixing and betting scandal rocked the IPL.

    Interestingly, the BCCI will go unrepresented at the all-important Finance and Commercial Affairs meeting, a committee that has Srinivasan as a member. This becomes even more important in the current context, since he had pitched for India to be given a larger share of the ICC revenue, in a shift from the current distribution set-up that sees Bangladesh and Zimbabwe cricket boards receive as much largesse as the BCCI does, though India is believed to be generating a lion's share of the funds.