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    No one in the Indian cricket team is honest: ex-betting king

    Ahmedabad: In an exclusive interview to CNN-IBN, former betting king Dinesh Kalgi added fuel to the raging spot-fixing fire by making startling revelations, going to the extent of saying that no player in the Indian team is honest.

    Calling the spot-fixing that the three Rajasthan Royals players are alleged of as "amateurish", Kalgi said these are just small fish and what's happening is not new. "All that recently happened is very normal. This is not fixing. They were trying something that didn't work. These are just small fish. No one will cheat for Rs. 20-25 lakhs .. This was amateurish fixing; they didn't know how to go about it properly."

    The former betting king went on to add that fixing at a much higher level happens in Australia, South Africa, London and Dubai. "High-level fixing happens in Australia, South Africa, London and Dubai. It's all planned there. All this happens from London and is backed and supervised from Dubai. If this time the network was in London, next time it can be in Australia and then maybe South Africa. It happens in these countries, but it is financially supported from Dubai," he said.

    Saying that the players are not pressurised but do it for big money, Kalgi asserted that no player is clean and even cricket administrators are part of it. "In the Indian team or any team for that matter, I believe no one is honest. Everybody does whatever they want for money, be it in Australia or South Africa. Whoever has more control indulges in this. New players also learn the ways eventually. There is no cricketer who does not do it for money. And not just players, even sponsors and selection committees are involved.

    "There is only one big syndicate that is operating all this. Players are told that 'if you want to do it, do it'. The big players are offered big money. No one is doing this under pressure. It's all for money," Kalgi revealed.

    Kalgi also said that at least 15 to 20 matches in the current IPL season were fixed and that even Bollywood is involved. "This season at least 15-20 matches are fixed. Bollywood is also involved but they will never get caught. It's these small fish that will come under the net. Besides, this is not a criminal act or drugs, etc. This is being done for fun and money; there is no genuine love for sports here.

    Kalgi went on to give an example of how fixing is done.

    "For session booking, we need to meet 2-3 cricketers who open the innings. They are told how many runs to make or when to get out. This is how the setting is done. But the whole match is not one cricketer or one bookie is doing. The match is pre-fixed and things are decided in advance. In my experience, every one is involved. Everyone is a thief.

    "Be it Indian cricket, world cricket, world football or tennis, this will not stop," he concluded.

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