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    No plans of retirement, says Tendulkar

    New Delhi: In an exclusive interview with CNN-IBN, Sachin Tendulkar said that he has no plans of quitting the game as long as he is enjoying and feeling part of it.

    "I think it's been going on since 2006...It's been six years now and I am enjoying cricket and I'll continue enjoying because as long as I am passionate about cricket you know it makes sense.

    "You know if it is an individual sport you have various things to think of, if you are not in right frame of mind you know it doesn't affect your team, you are individual there but being part of team sport you have got to be absolutely on top of your game and especially when you represent your country then all these things are extremely important.

    "At this moment, I don't want to entertain anything else. All I can is say that I am looking forward to the season," Tendulkar said.

    When asked about the reason for opting out of the Sri Lanka series, Tendulkar said he is on an extended break at the moment and spending time with family in Europe.

    "I just wanted to spend time with my family, as simple as that. I spoke to the BCCI and requested them. To be able to spend time with my children is also important.

    "Because once we go back they will go to their schools then you won't get quality time which any family man expects from his family and that is something which will keep me going for next 10 months," he clarified.

    When asked about playing limited number of ODI games, Tendulkar said: "It's not what XYZ think, it's what I feel and I feel as long as I am enjoying and I feel like being part of it, I'll continue (playing ODIs).

    "I felt I shouldn't be part of the Twenty20 squad in 2007 and I had been asked (to stay on) but I felt I should not be part of Twenty 20 squad because the team did well. When I get that feeling in one-day cricket may be I would take that decision."

    On life after cricket, Tendulkar said he has not given a thought to it, "See when the time comes I will start thinking about it. I have never thought that way. Each person thinks differently.

    "There were various opinions in 2006 whether I should continue or I should retire. All I can say is that each person thinks differently and you don't know what other person is thinking. Many guys don't know what I am thinking."

    Tendulkar said only he would decide his future on cricket and the decision would not be influenced by anyone, "...when I feel like taking that decision I will take that. I don't want rest of the guys to take that decision for me."

    Sachin was at the Adidas factory in Herzengonaurach in Germany a couple of days back, where he became the first cricketer to be included in the walk of fame at the factory - an honour bestowed previously to the likes of Muhammad Ali and and the all-blacks world cup winning New Zealand rugby team.