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    NZ's Ryder tweets anger at teammate

    Jesse Ryder tweeted after he was run out by his partner during a domestic one-day match.

    Wellington: When New Zealand opening batsmen Jesse Ryder was run out four balls into his innings in a recent domestic one-day match, he didn't kick the dressing room door, throw his bat or give his batting partner a piece of his mind.

    He went to Twitter and vented his annoyance in 140 words or less.

    He tweeted: "I just got run out by my other batter. What a waste of time this day is. I love getting left high and dry by my other batter."

    Ryder was run out by opening partner Stephen Murdoch during a one-day match between Wellington province and Northern Districts.

    "We had a chat afterwards and had a bit of a laugh," Murdoch said. "Jesse and I get on well and I took no offence."

    Ryder is the latest high-profile sportsperson to face scrutiny for his use of the micro-blogging site to vent his spleen.

    New Zealand Cricket has indicated Ryder is unlikely to be formally censured or punished for Sunday's tweet but has been reminded some thoughts are best kept to himself.

    "Jesse was cross and frustrated and anyone could get pretty angry," NZC chief executive Justin Vaughan said. "Perhaps it's better than throwing a bat against a wall.

    "We are pretty relaxed (about Twitter) as long as players don't bring the game into disrepute or sully its reputation.

    "You get the good with the mediocre. We let the players know there are limits but it's the way society is,;it's a fact of life and I don't think we can preclude it."