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    As it happened: Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, 3rd Test, Day 3

    A file photo of Pakistan batsman Younis Khan.

    A file photo of Pakistan batsman Younis Khan. (AFP Photo)

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    Day 2 round-up: Dilruwan Perera and captain Angelo Mathews just missed centuries before Sri Lanka declared their first innings at a strong 428 for 9 against Pakistan on the second day of the decisive third Test on Friday.

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    Pakistan were 19 without loss at stumps and were in a tight corner to level the series after losing the second Test by nine wickets.

    Perera made a brilliant 95 with 12 fours and two sixes and Mathews was out for a more pedestrian 91 with five fours and a six to quash Pakistan hopes of restricting Sri Lanka after it resumed from 220 for 5 overnight.

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    Commentary (Pakistan 2nd Innings)

    That is all we have from this series which swung from rather monotonous days of cricket to some exciting ones as always expected from the Pakistani cricket team. The best was probably saved for the final day and the four attritional days of cricket before today, has probably been worth it, considering what today had to offer to spectators and fans. The next international game is an ODI between New Zealand and India in Hamilton on 22nd January. Do join us for the coverage. Till then, cheers and goodbye!

    Pakistani skipper, Misbah-ul-Haq feels that it was a much wanted win. He really wanted the win for Pakistan and especially for Dave Whatmore. He wishes all the best to Whatmore and appreciates his tenure with the team for the last two-odd years. He adds that the team wanted to go for it and not look at anything else. He finishes off saying that this win will give the team a lot of confidence.

    Sri Lankan skipper, Anglo Mathews receives the Man of the Series award. Mathews feels that it was the batting in the second innings which collapsed and contributed to their loss heavily as they were pretty good in the first three and a half days. The Lankan team had thought that Pakistan were desperate to win and would commit mistakes during the chase. The spinners can't be blamed, he feels and having tried a few different things that didn't turn out right, caused this fate to fall upon them.

    The Man of the Match award goes to Azhar Ali for helping Pakistan win the game. He says that the message was clear from the team management and his skipper that they had to go for the win. He had a word with Younus Khan on not having made much contribution in the last one year. This innings is of high value for him, rating it as one of his best.

    Awards being given to Azhar Ali and Ahmed Shehzad for their centuries. The latter also gets an award for the highest score. Misbah receives the award for Outstanding Performer.

    The Pakistan middle order played a great supporting role to Azhar Ali who played an innings of a lifetime. The Sri Lankan bowlers looked listless and couldn't do much as the Pakistan batsmen stamped their authority. Sri Lanka dominated most of the series but the last day of the series changed the whole scenario for Pakistan as they managed to save the series.

    What a chase! What a splendid chase by Pakistan. Chasing down 300 in two sessions is a humongous task and they have achieved something special here. This will go down in history as one of the best chases in Tests. Until this morning it seemed as if the match will head towards a draw but Pakistan did well to wrap the Sri Lankan innings up and then lead by Azhar Ali chased down 300 to save the Test series and draw level 1-1.

    57.3 S Eranga to Misbah, PAKISTAN HAVE WON BY FIVE WICKETS! Back of a length around off, pushed away to the left of point and a quick single is taken with ease to end Pakistan's rout of Sri Lanka on this final day. Misbah completes the run, looks towards the dressing room and does the following - uses his right glove, point towards the right side of his face, twirls his fingers, then moves to the other side of his cheek and twirls his fingers again. If you still haven't got it, he was signalling to their coach Dave Whatmore for who this is the last game as Pakistan's coach. Very good gesture, dedicating the win to him. 302/5

    57.2 S Eranga to Shafiq, BYE! Pakistan have stolen a bye! Short on middle, Shafiq allows the ball through while Jayawardene fumbles with the gloves and a bye is taken pretty easily. 301/5

    57.1 S Eranga to Misbah, Short delivery around Misbah's head, he pulls it away to deep square leg for a single. 300/5

    56.6 S Lakmal to Misbah, Length on middle, nudged away through square leg for a single. 299/5

    56.5 S Lakmal to Misbah, Full outside off, squeezed away through the covers. The long off fielder was late off the blocks and Misbah gets another couple as Shafiq dives in safely at the bowler's end. 298/5

    Rehman is ready, all padded and 'helmeted' up. He is standing on the steps waiting to run in, in case a wicket falls.

    56.4 S Lakmal to Shafiq, Fullish on middle, pushed down to long on for a single. 296/5

    Asad Shafiq strides out to the crease.

    56.3 S Lakmal to Ali, OUT! A late wicket here for Sri Lanka! Fullish on middle, Ali backs away and looks to loft the ball down the ground but gets a thick edge that goes over the stumps and through to Prasanna Jayawardene. Is there going to be an unexpected, miraculous twist in the tale? The ball apparently hit the stumps too as it went to the keeper. 295/5

    56.2 S Lakmal to Misbah, Full on middle, Misbah looks to smash but mistimes the ball down to long on for a single. 295/4

    56.1 S Lakmal to Misbah, FOUR! Beautifully hit! Full on middle and leg, Misbah shuffles across and hoicks the ball Inzy-style to the long leg fence for a boundary. 294/4

    The umpires have warned the Lankans that they will award Pakistan five penalty runs if they keep wasting time.

    55.6 Eranga to Ali, Excellent yorker on middle, 135 kph, Ali digs it out back to the bowler! 290/4

    55.5 S Eranga to Misbah, Full and down the leg side, 135.4 kph, flicked away for a single. 290/4

    55.4 S Eranga to Misbah, Short outside off, punched through the covers for a couple. 289/4

    55.3 S Eranga to Misbah, A bouncer on middle, 133.3 kph, Misbah ducks under it. Prasanna dives to his left and fumbles but the batsmen do not run. 287/4

    55.2 S Eranga to Ali, Backs away to the leg side and looks to go inside out. However, he mistimes it and the ball limps down to long off. A run taken. 287/4

    The partnership has touched 100.

    55.1 S Eranga to Misbah, Full on middle, Misbah swings this down to long on for a single. 286/4

    54.6 S Lakmal to Ali, Pitched up around off stump, driven hard in the same region, wide of long off for a couple. 285/4

    Fifth Test ton for Ali, fourth against Sri Lanka.

    54.5 S Lakmal to Ali, This is a very important, brilliant century for Azhar Ali! Fullish around off stump, driven inside out through the covers. The long off fielder makes a good stop by running across and keeps the batsmen down to two. Ali pumps his fists in the air and celebrates with a lot of vigour and happiness. 283/4

    54.4 S Lakmal to Ali, Pitched up around off, Ali bends across and works the ball towards long on for a couple. There is a direct hit from Chandimal at the striker's end and the umpire goes upstairs to have it checked. Ali was well in to the naked eye and replays confirm the same. 281/4

    54.3 S Lakmal to Ali, FOUR! Ali breaks the shackes! Fullish on middle, Ali clears his front leg and heaves the ball across the line and the ball goes in the gap at mid-wicket and pierces the two fielders there as well. 279/4

    54.2 S Lakmal to Misbah, Full and slow around off, Misbah heaves but inside edges the ball to mid-wicket for a single. 275/4

    54.1 S Lakmal to Misbah, Length delivery on middle, Misbah turns the ball without much timing to the mid-wicket region. The softness of the mistimed shot fetches Misbah a couple. The throw comes in at the bowler's end and Lakmal is on the floor as he gets hit on his hand. The physio was about to come on to the field but is sent back by the on field umpire. 274/4

    Lakmal comes on to bowl.

    53.6 S Eranga to Misbah, A very good yorker on middle, Ali just about gets his bat down and the ball goes away to Prasanna Jayawardene's left as the batsmen pinch a single. 272/4

    53.5 S Eranga to Ali, Full on middle, Misbah backs away and looks to go over the off side. All he gets is an inside edge and the ball goes to long on for a run. 271/4

    53.4 S Eranga to Ali, Back of a length on middle and off, punched away to extra cover. 270/4

    This is Misbah's 25th Test fifty.

    53.3 S Eranga to Misbah, Full toss on middle and leg, Misbah clips the ball to deep square leg for a single to get to yet another Test half century. 270/4

    53.2 S Eranga to Ali, Back of a length, following Ali down the leg side, He tries to punch the ball into the covers but inside edges the ball to the on side for a single. 33 needed off 34! 269/4

    53.1 S Eranga to Misbah, Big inside edge saves Misbah! Fullish on middle, Misbah tries to heave the ball over the on side but gets a thick inside edge on to his pads. Eranga turns and appeals but the umpire walks away. Eranga's outstretched left hand seems to have collided with Misbah's helmet. He, that is, Eranga is in some pain and the physio comes out. 268/4

    52.6 R Herath to Misbah, Tossed up on middle, pushed away to long on for a single. 267/4

    52.5 R Herath to Ali, Good shot and an excellent stop! Flighted on off, Ali dances down the track and plays an inside out drive. The fielder at extra cover dives and makes a good stop. A single is taken though. 266/4

    52.4 R Herath to Misbah, Tossed up on the pads, nudged away softly to the square leg region for a single. 265/4

    52.3 R Herath to Ali, Nice lap sweep! Flighted on off, Ali gets low down and across and paddles the ball away to fine leg for a single. 264/4

    52.2 R Herath to Misbah, Flighted delivery around off, driven through the covers for a single. 263/4

    52.1 R Herath to Misbah, Misbah tries to get cheeky and escapes! Full toss on middle and off, he tries to play a reverse sweep but inside edges the ball on to his pads. He should have dealt it with more purpose. 262/4

    51.6 S Eranga to A Ali, FOUR! One-handed cut! Slightly short and outside off, Ali goes back and across and then cuts the ball late enough to beat point and find the fence. 262/4

    51.5 S Eranga to Ali, Pitched up on middle, Ali flicks the ball straight to mid-wicket. Pakistan are having trouble picking up runs now. 258/4

    51.4 S Eranga to Ali, Fullish on off stump, Ali moves across and drives the ball straight back. 258/4

    There seems to be a slight problem with the seam of the ball. Some leather seems to have come out of it. The umpire is cutting it out with a scissor.

    51.3 S Eranga to Misbah, Banged in short and Misbah plays a very good pull shot to deep square leg for a single. 258/4

    51.2 S Eranga to Ali, Length delivery around off, Ali opens the face of his bat and runs the ball down to third man for a single. 257/4

    51.1 S Eranga to Misbah, Full on off, Misbah shuffles across to the off side and tucks the ball away to the mid-wicket region for a single. Misbah was looking for the second but turned it down. 256/4

    50.6 R Herath to Ali, Flighted on middle, pushed to Herath's right and he stops the ball on this occasion. 255/4

    50.5 R Herath to Misbah, Flighted on middle, pushed towards long on for a single. 255/4

    50.4 R Herath to Misbah, Tossed up just outside off, Misbah drives away from his body but middles it to deep cover for a couple. 254/4

    50.3 R Herath to Misbah, Full and quicker, darted in towards middle, defended to the off side. 252/4

    50.2 R Herath to Ali, Tossed up on off, Ali gets down on his knee and sweeps the ball to long leg for a single. 252/4

    50.1 R Herath to Misbah, Full on middle, driven hard and straight back. Herath fumbles and the ball goes to long on as a single is taken. 251/4

    49.6 S Eranga to Ali, Good length delivery on middle, defended back to Eranga. 250/4

    49.5 S Eranga to Misbah, Short of a length outside off, Misbah looks to cut but mistimes the ball behind point for a single. 250/4

    49.4 S Eranga to Misbah, Back of a length on middle, Misbah drops the ball back on to the pitch. 249/4

    49.3 S Eranga to Misbah, Short and wide outside off, 133 kph, cut straight to point. 249/4

    49.2 S Eranga to Misbah, The batsman has played the square drive. 249/4

    49.1 S Eranga to Misbah, Outside off, 132.1 kph, played straight to point. 249/4

    48.6 R Herath to Misbah, Oohh.... risky, very risky! Full on middle, 74 kph, Misbah gets down and attempts a dangerous-looking paddle and just about makes it! Angelo Mathews gets ready to field even before the batsman makes his move. A single taken. 249/4

    48.5 R Herath to Ali, Outside off, 86.3 kph, played to point for a single. 248/4

    48.4 R Herath to Ali, Short outside off, 74.7 kph, punched straight to cover. 247/4

    48.3 R Herath to Ali, Comes down the track but is not to the pitch of the ball. Is forced to defend. 247/4

    48.2 R Herath to Misbah, Drives it down to long on for a run. 247/4

    48.1 R Herath to A Ali, Full outside off, 88.6 kph, driven towards long off for a single. 246/4

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