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    Prayers on twitter for Azhar's son

    The 19-year-old Ayazuddin met with an accident while riding his 1000 cc Suzuki bike.

    New Delhi: Sports and Bollywood icons on Monday united in praying for Mohammad Azharuddin's son Ayazuddin's fast recovery as the youngster battled for life after meeting with a terrible road accident in Hyderabad.

    The 19-year-old Ayazuddin met with the accident on Sunday while riding his 1000 cc imported Suzuki motorcycle on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

    Ayazuddin's cousin Ajmal-ur-Rehman, 16, who was riding pillion, expired due to severe head injuries.

    "May hope and the power of our collective prayers work on Mohd Azharuddin's son. What else can one do but pray," actor Boman Irani wrote in his twitter page.

    Indian tennis star Sania Mirza hoped that by the grace of God, Azharuddin's son will recover.

    "Hope and pray Ayazuddin recovers soon insha Allah."

    "Prayers with Mohammed Azharuddin's son..and may Allah grant his nephew a place in jannat...still shocked..life is not fair sometimes," she wrote.

    Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh also joined the fellow icons.

    "Can't believe what has happened to Azharudin's son ! All I can do is pray," he wrote.

    Actor Riteish Deshmukh posted, "Prayers out for my friend Md Azharuddin's son to get wet well soon - please pray for him and send out good energy for his recovery."

    Cricket analyst Harsha Bogle tweeted "my news was from a close friend. Apparently both had lost pulse and bp. sadly Azhar's nephew is dead; trying to revive son. hope...."