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    Rahul Sharma drops a catch and leaves

    He returned, only to drop another in the final over of Australia\'s innings.

    In his first over on Australia soil, the legspinner Rahul Sharma put down a tough caught and bowled catch and ended up having to leave the field for medical treatment. Travis Birt absolutely smacked the pants off a tossed up delivery, which flew back to Sharma who stick out two hands, perhaps more in self defense than to take the offering.

    Immediately he wrung his right hand in pain and beckoned for the physio to come out, as blood gushed from a split webbing between his little and ring fingers. It needed superb reflexes to take that, but instead poor Sharma ended up getting a bloody hand.

    He would return to the field, and put down a far more straightforward caught and bowled chance in the final over of Australia's innings.