Dec 14, 2005 at 07:59pm IST

SP raises its Volcker pitch

New Delhi: The Samajwadi Party demanded a thorough probe into the Volcker issue, saying that merely Natwar Singh's resignation was not enough as "the needle of suspicion pointed in all directions".

Addressing a press conference, Amar Singh said that one has to take the words of Indian Ambassador to Croatia Aneil Mathrani, who was recalled, as well as Shiv Shankar and A R Antulay seriously and set scope of the probe accordingly.

Though Mathrani has changed his statement and is now saying that all he had said was off-the-record, he has not at any stage denied the things he said, the SP general secretary pointed out.

The statements made by these people and other evidence that has come so far takes the scam beyond Natwar Singh, he said.

"If Hamadan and Masfield of Switzerland are under scrutiny, why not Quantas of Italy?" said Amar Singh.

"We do not feel that Natwar Singh's resignation will end the matter, as there are so many other people involved in it," he added.

"Is tel ke khel ke kaptan ko pakarna chahiye, (the captain of the whole team should also be booked)," he said.

The Samajwadi Party will offer full cooperation to the Prime Minister in this task, he said, adding that, "the murky affair is causing a feeling of suffocation in Singh, who is an honest and sincere man. My party has all sympathy with him".

When asked if he was demanding Sonia Gandhi's resignation too, Singh said he did not say that but only wanted that the real culprit should be brought to book.