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    Read: Shashank Manohar's advice to the BCCI on spot-fixing

    New Delhi: In an email reply to a question posed by CNN-IBN on Sunday, former BCCI president Shashank Manohar laid out his views on what the Indian cricket board must do in the context of the present controversies and police investigations that have made sure the game is brought into disrepute.

    At the top of Manohar's list is the importance of the BCCI to maintain the image of cricket being a clean sport, which he says can only be possible if strict preventive measures are taken to extinguish all threats of illegal activities.

    Below is a copy of the email, unedited:

    It is the duty of the Board to see that the public perception is that the game is clean. Otherwise people would lose interest in the game. The Board has to take strong measures to eradicate betting / spot fixing/ match fixing or any type of corruption which would mar the purity of the game. It is the duty of the Board to restore confidence in the hearts of the cricket loving people all over the world. They should feel that the game is clean and free from any malpractices.

    The Board should immediately file a criminal complaint asking the investigating agency to look into all the 75 games of the IPL 6 edition. The Board should also provide them with a raw feed of the games as also the CCTV coverage recorded at every venue and after the investigation, apart from the criminal action, the Board should take strictest possible action against the persons involved, without showing any leniency.

    The Board should approach the Central Home Minister, making a request for Governmental support in investigating the criminal actions in any event run by the BCCI which would also include the International fixtures. The Board should request that an advisory be sent to all States one month before the start of the event, so that the investigating machinery can swing in action well in advance to prevent any match fixing, betting or spot fixing.

    The Board should also ask the players to submit their mobile numbers one month in advance so the same could be forwarded to the investigating agencies so as to monitor that no untoward conversation is taking place. In case of failure of the player submitting the number or if he is using any other number without informing the Board, except in case of any emergency,it would entail a serious action by the Board, including the suspension of the player.

    To restore the confidence in people, the Board has to take many other ancillary decisions and the Board has to deal with this menace with an iron fist. The Board or ACSU do not have any machinery or legal authority to track the illegal activities . The Board should not depend on these agencies alone.

    As per the decision already taken by the Board, the Board should immediately ask the Players to get their agents accredited so that the BCCI is able to control the activities of the agents also. Apart from this , the after match parties need to be stopped immediately as there is no control of the Board or the franchisee as to the guest list.