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    Slingers turning up the heat in IPL

    Three pacers with slinging actions have shone bright in the IPL.

    New Delhi: Three men, ready to hurl the white ball towards an unsuspecting batsman. For fans this has been one of the enduring images of the tournament so far. The slingers - Lasith Malinga (Mumbai Indians), Fidel Edwards (Deccan Chargers) and Kamran Khan (Rajasthan Royals) making batsmen hop, skip and jump with their slinging action.

    It's a throwback to an era when Australia's Jeff Thomson made batsmen shiver in the 70s by slinging the ball at a fierce pace.

    Lasith Malinga emerged on the scene five years ago, but a frail body has meant he has played only 50 odd one-dayers and 28 Tests till this time. However, in the second edition of the IPL in South Africa he appears to be fresh and full of fire.

    Fidel Edwards was fast-tracked into the West Indies team after he troubled Brian Lara in the nets in 2003. He too has battled injury and is now takes the new ball by right for the West Indies and is a captain's delight.

    "He (Edwards) has done everything we have asked him to do. It's nice to have a little more firepower than we had last year," says Adam Gilchrist, captain of the Deccan Chargers.

    And now 18-year-old has been propped up by Shane Warne as his secret weapon before the IPL, who so far has lived up to the tag, slinging with his left arm perhaps to even greater acclaim soon.

    So enjoy the slingers while you can, they are a cricketing novelty. And three at the same time, is as rare as it gets!