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    Team India faces fans' ire in Nottingham

    A file photo of Indian cricket fans shouting slogans during a protest in Siliguri

    A file photo of Indian cricket fans shouting slogans during a protest in Siliguri (AFP)

    Nottingham: Indian cricket fans in Nottingham feel let down by their team's performance in the second Test at Trent Bridge. On Monday evening, fans gathered outside the team hotel and didn't hold back the tough talk.

    "We thought the 196-run loss at Lord's was bad, but the defeat here is too much for us to take. How can this team claim to be No. 1 in the world? Yes, they were consistent, consistent in being poor throughout the Test match after the second day. Some of us have come from America just for this game. What a reward we have been given!"

    It is learnt that a few drunken fans abused three players after they posed for photographs with them. When the situation became ugly, the police was called and things were sorted out.

    At an Indian restaurant, the owner was livid that Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Co. caved in on the fourth day. "Are they really so bad to succumb so badly, I was asked today. And I had to say yes," he said.

    Normally, fans used to hang around the team hotel at night but the numbers withered away. No heroes to worship, one guesses.

    A Jamaican taxi driver Christopher Anglin just couldn't understand how India made England look so superior during the Trent Bridge Test.

    "You guys disappointed me maan. I just cannot understand how India made England look so unbeatable. You guys cannot play the rising ball maan. No good maan. If Chris Gayle would have played in the series against West Indies, this Indian team would have surely not won," he said.

    The big Michael Holding fan expressed his shock over the appointment of Duncan Fletcher as coach.

    "I am surprised that your Board appointed him. He was no good for England. Okay, England won the Ashes in 2005, but what happened in the next series against Australia? We lost all the Tests."

    As he parked in front of the hotel where he works, he was astounded to learn that Fletcher got the job because of former coach Gary Kirsten.

    "Shocking maan! It is like me quitting my job as this hotel's manager and then recommending someone to replace me. Why would the hotel management employ him?"