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    2 balls that sum up England's domination

    The first two deliveries after Tea on Friday narrate the story of India\'s surrender.

    New Delhi: It was another demonstration by England on Friday: demonstration of how to bat, how to dominate and how to keep the foot on an opponent's neck when he's on the mat. All that in just two insipid deliveries.

    Team India's second morning of their five-day pride-restoration campaign began with a promise. But it soon wilted into oblivion when Pietersen joined Bell. What left for India was gaping wounds inflicted by a wretched tour.

    And one doesn't need to probe the whole of day two at the Oval, or for that matter any of the three previous Tests. Just the first two deliveries after Tea on Friday narrate the story of India's surrender, which has turned Test cricket into England's dominion.

    Ball One

    Pietersen walked out of Tea at 98, scratching the batting guard nonchalantly with his studs. Ishant Sharma ran in, not knowing that KP is ready for anything he dishes out to prevent his century. But what follows? One intimidating swat over mid-wicket for a four and three England landmarks: Pietersen's century, England's 300 and a third-wicket partnership of 200 between Bell and Pietersen.

    The three targets shot down with one stroke demonstrated how England have batted India out of this series. While India have failed to reach 300 on six attempts, England have hammered the Indian bowlers for 2675 runs so far.

    Ball Two

    The ball that followed summed up how the tired Indian legs have withered away in the field.

    Pietersen went for another big shot but the ball got more height than distance, with Gautam Gambhir back-paddling under it. As has happened often in this series, the catch was dropped and what left was visuals of Gambhir being attended by the physio after banging his head on the ground.

    Poor cricket and injuries have played a major role in India's downfall, and the Gambhir incident showed how these two factors haven't allowed India to get up whenever they tried to.