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    Across the IPL fence

    • Royal Challengers Bangalore's brand ambassador Katrina Kaif may have been a distraction for the opposition. (AP Photo)

    • Like in her movies, Preity Zinta did it all. As a dedicated Kings XI supporter, she laughed, she danced, she jumped, she frowned and she cried at the end. (AFP Photo)

    • Akshay Kumar's special appearance in the Delhi-Punjab game was a pleasant surprise for Preity Zinta though his Daredevil shirt may have made her feel blue. (AFP Photo)

    • He came, he saw and left. Knight Riders's show might have hurt SRK more than his recent shoulder surgery. (AFP Photo)

    • IPL may have produced a future star in the form of Miss Bollywood -- Dune Kossatz. (CNN-IBN footage)

    • Shilpa Shetty's IPL debut ended on not a happy note but the smile never left her face. (AFP Photo)

    • Sachin Tendulkar celebrated his 36th birthday where his IPL rivals joined him in rubbing it in, the cake ie. (AFP Photo)

    • The Kings XI cheerleaders were one of the biggest hits this IPL. (AFP Photo)

    • Kolkata Knight Riders' cheergirls didn't get too much of a chance to show their moves but when they did, they rocked. (AFP Photo)

    • Along with the cricket, IPL was also about generosity. The cash-rich league contributed heavily to the South Africa's education system. (AFP Photo)

    • Fans fought the erratic weather to see some action. (AP Photo)

    • The Chennai fans surely know how to paint it yellow. (AFP Photo)