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    Alex Ferguson says Torres' booking was the right decision

    The Manchester United manager said the striker faked the dive and deserved his second yellow.

    Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has justified Chelsea striker Fernando Torres’ second yellow in the Premier League on Sunday night. Torres was sent back on charges of simulation in the Blues’3-2 defeat that narrowed their lead to one point.

    The Spaniard, who had already had a yellow to his name, got his marching orders with another in the 68th minute when he went down under a challenge from United defender Jonny Evans, who admitted later that there was some contact. But Ferguson believes it wasn't so bad as to bring Torres down.

    “Torres could have gone on and he didn’t. I think Jonny may have caught him just a little but you can carry on running and he chose to go down. He could have carried on and scored, that’s what I don’t understand. When I was a player, I would never have missed the chance to go through. I would have taken that opportunity to score every time. But he’s gone down and that is the issue. And he’s already been booked, so it’s his own fault,” Ferguson told the Sun.

    Evans added: “At the time I didn’t feel I made any contact but I’ve seen it again and I made a bit of contact — but not enough to bring him down. I think he probably realised he wasn’t going to get the ball and went down. So I think the referee has made the right decision to send him off.”

    Torres’ exit was Chelsea’s second on the night and referee Mark Clattenburg is under fire for several controversial decisions with the Blues registering a complaint against him, accusing him of using inappropriate language against a few players.