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    Germany, Portugal fined at Euro 2012

    The DFB were reprimanded after supporters threw missiles onto the pitch against the Seleccao.

    Lviv: Both Germany and Portugal have been fined by UEFA after their opening game at Euro 2012. German supporters threw missiles during the Group B clash and the German Football Association has been fined €10,000 as a result.

    Seleccao players were targeted by paper bombs, most notably at corners, while a smoke bomb was also let off in the stands, despite die Mannschaft's fans being continually warned as the game progressed.

    Meanwhile, the Portuguese Football Association was fined €5,000 after their players delayed the kick off to the second half.

    "The German Football Association has today been fined €10,000 by the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body for the throwing of missiles by its supporters at last Saturday's Euro 2012 Group B match between Germany and Portugal in Lviv," an official statement read.

    "The Portuguese Football Association has been fined €5,000 for a delayed kick-off to the second half at the same match."

    Germany won the game 1-0 thanks to a late Mario Gomez header.