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    Jose Mourinho visions Juan Mata's future at Chelsea

    Speculations of Chelsea midfielder Juan Mata joining Barcelona have finally been rested after manager Jose Mourinho clarified he sees the 23-year-old playing a pivotal part at Stamford Bridge.

    It seems that Juan Mata's stay at Chelsea is not ending anytime soon as manager Jose Mourinho has everything worked out in favour of retaining the Spanish mid-fieelder at Stamford Bridge.

    Reports in The Mirror suggest that Mourinho is planning to have a discussion with Mata regarding his future plans with Chelsea, thus ending speculations of him joining Barcelona which surfaced after reports that Mourinho was not totally convinced about the 23-year-old's stay with the blues.

    However, the London-based club has reportedly expressed displeasure believing the Catalans' attempts at playing mind-games with a well settled player, much less of Mata's calibure. Barca, had apparently offered a price of above £30 million to sign in the Spanish midfielder who can also play as an attacking winger.

    Speculations in Spain ran rampage of a possible switch to Camp Nuo, after Mata was believed to have expressed concern over his place under Mourinho. Chelsea have, once and for all, played down the transfer rumors.

    Mourinho is expected to have a word with Mata - who is away on international Duty at the Confederations Cup, anytime soon to discuss about the winger's role in the upcoming season.