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    Ronaldo tried to break my leg: Silva

    New Delhi: Brazil swept aside Portugal in their international fixture on Wednesday evening, but the South American samba stars have accused Cristiano Ronaldo of employing dirty tricks.

    Brazil emerged triumphant over Portugal on Wednesday evening in a thrilling encounter that bore eight goals, but not one of them was scored by last season's 42-goal forward Ronaldo.

    Portugal were on the wrong end of an embarrassing 6-2 upset in what is arguably Dunga's finest game in charge of A Selecao.

    Cristiano Ronaldo grew increasingly frustrated throughout the game that he has been accused of trying to purposefully injure a fellow professional's leg, while sulking around the pitch as he was continuously outshone by Brazil's samba stars.

    Ronaldo's box of (dirty) tricks

    Ronaldo grabbed Marcelo round the neck, and Brazil defender Thiago Silva believes that Ronaldo tried to break his leg.

    The 24-year old Fluminense centre back is quoted by the Daily Mail as saying: "He (Cristiano Ronaldo) has the cheek to say I jumped over his tackle. But if I did not jump he would have broken my leg.

    "Being considered the best player in the world, he must have more respect. It is difficult to accept what he did. "

    "He is a little (naughty), yes. But that is football. And we need to know to deal with it. He was nervous because he couldn't create anything," Silva concluded.

    Disappearing act

    The Portuguese press have been critical of the anonymous Ronaldo, but national coach Carlos Queiroz has jumped to defend the Manchester United man.

    "The formation is different and so are the players that work with him. We have to give him support and service so that Cristiano can show more of his football," he nodded.

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