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    New Delhi: A furious Arsene Wenger has branded UEFA's decision to charge Arsenal striker Eduardo for diving as a "complete disgrace".

    The Croatia international is facing disciplinary action against him over allegedly attempting to deceive the referee with an act of simulation as he won the Gunners a penalty in the Champions League play-off second leg victory over Celtic.

    Wenger has reacted angrily to the charge, believing UEFA to have now set a precedent for referee's decisions to be undermined in the future.

    "I find it a complete disgrace, it's unacceptable," Wenger told the press ahead of Saturday's meeting with Manchester United.

    "We will not accept it. This charge implies with intent and a desire to cheat the referee, Eduardo has gone down. It singles out the player as a cheat in Europe and this is not acceptable."

    "They have opened a door now, that every single decision made by a referee can now be challenged. For me it is a witch hunt."

    Wenger added that Eduardo had been left mystified by the controversial UEFA ruling, with Arsenal set to help him defend the charge in any way possible.

    The Frenchman said, "He has been touched by the goalkeeper and we can prove that. He thinks he has done nothing wrong. We will defend our player as far as we can. The man has not been treated fairly and the rules of football have been changed completely just for that challenge."